Scottish Entrepreneur Mark McShane Launches Solar Panel Installation Website

Glasgow, United Kingdom, Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mark McShane, a Scottish entrepreneur who has founded several multi-million-pound businesses, is excited to announce the launch of his new solar power installation website that is designed to help match consumers with local tradesmen to help solve global warming.

At 29 years old, Mark McShane has been in business since he was 18 years old and is a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple companies across a diverse range of industries, such as training, first aid, renewables, heating, Digital PR and lead generation. His experience over the last 11 years has allowed him to successfully scale a business from a startup to a profitable entity and develop exceptional expertise in market dynamics, team management, and value creation.

Utilising this broad experience and set of skills, Mark McShane wanted to create an eco-friendly company that helps streamline the growing solar panel market within the UK while additionally providing a cost-effective option for families who have concerns over the high energy prices throughout the country due to the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Mark McShane said, “My venture into entrepreneurship began at a young age, and it has been a thrilling ride ever since. Within a year of starting my first enterprise, I was honoured as a finalist for the ROCCO Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an early recognition that fueled my desire to push the boundaries.”

Based on a similar principle to Mark McShane’s Boiler Cover UK ( company, which offers homeowners the ability to compare and view the best boiler cover deals in the United Kingdom, Solar Panel Installation provides free, impartial advice and information to homeowners and businesses who are considering installing solar panels to save on their energy bills.

From the comfort of their home, customers can access unbiased and independent advice from suitable installers who offer free solar panel installation quotes so they can choose the best price and installer for the job.

“When you submit your request for quotes, we’ll match you with up to three installers who cover your area,” explained Mark McShane. “They’ll contact you and arrange a suitable appointment to complete a home survey and, thereafter, provide you with a quote for completing the work. It’s your choice if you want to go ahead with the installation, and there is no obligation to do so.”

The primary purpose of solar panels is to convert sunlight into electricity, and for this, they have two main components: photovoltaic cells and conducting materials such as silicon. Working together, photovoltaic cells and conducting materials absorb direct sunlight, energise and create an electric field that is known as the photoelectric effect. Using inverter technology, solar panels pass a direct current (DC) of electricity. This energy then flows through the electrical panel of the house and is distributed as needed.

Mark McShane is an expert in the energy niche due to his first company, Skills Training Group (, being the leading national supplier in the UK of energy training courses for adults, contractors and businesses.

This extensive involvement in the industry has enabled Mark McShane to create a comprehensive information section on Solar Power Installation’s website that helps homeowners decide if solar panels are the right choice for their property. These include:

  • Position – A solar energy system facing East or West will yield 15-20% less energy than a South-facing installation. South-facing roofs are more beneficial and more effective to maximise savings.
  • Roof structure – Damaged roof structures can affect the installation, so it is recommended to arrange an inspection and make repairs before installing any solar panels.
  • Shade – A roof should be unshaded between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to experience the maximum benefit of solar energy systems.
  • Space – Since one solar panel tends to measure about two square metres, homeowners will need plenty of roof space to fit them.

With all solar panel installers at Solar Panel Installation ( quality vetted prior to joining and needing to have their MCS accreditation, Mark McShane hopes UK homeowners will be empowered to explore solar panel installation as a cost-effective solution to rising energy costs.

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