Irdeto partners with CharIN e.V. and takes on the “CharIN PKI”, Revolutionizing Public Key Infrastructure with Open Governance and Enhanced Security

Irdeto, a key player in managing the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) root Certificate Authority (CA) in North America, is expanding its influence by taking on the CharIN PKI in Europe.

DETROIT, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, is proud to announce a groundbreaking move, as the company is set to take over the CharIN Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), adopting a novel open governance model. This customer-centric approach, with onboarded customers as part of the governing body, is set to transform the management and decision-making in the EV charging domain.

CharIN e.V., with their project members, created and aligned the first publicly established Governance for a PKI, including Certificate Policy, Governance, and market guidelines. Besides that, CharIN also hosts a working group, with support from Irdeto, which developed the first openly and globally aligned API for Ecosystems, called OPNC-Protocol (Open Plug & Charge -Protocol), which will also be further developed to include proposed and required enhancements.

Through further strengthening the partnership with CharIn e.V., Irdeto is significantly bolstering its global position in the realm of V2G Public Key Infrastructure, a fundamental security framework that is essential for Plug & Charge technologies and other applications requiring trust between multiple parties.

Agreement Highlights:

  • Facilitation of Seamless Charging Experience: Irdeto’s implementation of the V2G Root CA aligns with the ISO 15118 standards, offering a simplified Plug & Charge experience for EV drivers. This enhances user convenience and fosters the adoption of EVs.

  • Customer-Inclusive Governance Model: The unique governance model of the CharIN PKI involves onboarded customers in decision-making, ensuring the system evolves in line with market needs and industry developments.

  • Collaborative Development and Standardization: This model encourages collaboration and standardization across the EV charging network, harmonizing practices and standards for interoperability and efficiency.

  • Innovation in EV Charging Solutions: Irdeto’s role in innovating and developing solutions like CrossCharge facilitates the creation, distribution, and validation of vehicle identities and charging contracts, connecting Charging Point Operators (CPOs), eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs), and EV OEMs.

  • Enhanced Security and Reliability: Irdeto’s expertise in cybersecurity is crucial for ensuring robust security within the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The management of secure authentication and authorization processes is vital in safeguarding against cyber threats and fraud, fostering trust in the EV ecosystem.

“As we embark on this exciting journey of taking over the CharIN Public Key Infrastructure., our focus remains steadfast on enhancing the EV charging experience through advanced security and a pioneering customer-inclusive governance model. This moment marks not just a milestone for Irdeto, but a significant leap forward in the evolution of electric vehicle infrastructure. We’re committed to driving innovation and collaboration, ensuring that our technology continually adapts to the dynamic needs of the market and our customers.” said Niels Haverkorn, SVP, New Markets at Irdeto.

Irdeto’s technology addresses the multifaceted challenges in the EV market by enhancing security, improving the charging experience, facilitating standardization, and being responsive to market needs. Irdeto is poised to be a pivotal player in supporting the growth and sustainability of the EV ecosystem.

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