Humber River Health Elevates Orthopedic Surgical Care with PrecisionOS Team Training

Surgical VR simulation

Humber River Health surgical teams training using PrecisionOS
Humber River Health surgical teams training using PrecisionOS

Surgical VR simulation

Simulation education session at Humber River Health
Simulation education session at Humber River Health

TORONTO, June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Humber River Health (Humber) is proud to announce the integration of PrecisionOS®, a cutting-edge market leader virtual reality platform, into its orthopedic operating rooms to enhance safety and efficiency through comprehensive team training. Recognizing the critical role of nursing in delivering safe and effective care, Humber will leverage PrecisionOS to empower its entire surgical team with advanced skills and knowledge.

Orthopedic surgeries demand precision, coordination, and seamless teamwork. To ensure every member of the operating room (OR) team is equipped to excel in their roles, surgeons at Humber will lead the training of nurses using PrecisionOS. By immersing themselves in realistic surgical simulations, nurses will gain invaluable experience and confidence, ultimately contributing to smoother OR flow and improved patient outcomes.

Jhanvi Solanki, Vice President of Clinical Programs at Humber, expressed enthusiasm about the adoption of PrecisionOS, stating, “At Humber, our commitment to patient safety and excellence in care is unwavering. Integrating the unique capabilities of PrecisionOS into our orthopedic surgical workflows underscores our dedication to leveraging innovative technology to drive continuous improvement.”

Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sebastian Rodriguez-Elizalde, specializing in hip and knee procedures at Humber, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “In complex surgeries, every member of the team plays a crucial role. By training together using PrecisionOS, we can refine our teamwork, communication, and technical skills, ultimately delivering better outcomes for our patients.”

In aligning innovation and nursing education advancements, this follows the recent release of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario’s Best Practice Guideline (BPG) entitled Clinical Practice in a Digital Health Environment, co-chaired by the late Dr. Vanessa Burkoski, RN, BScN, MScN, DHA, O. ONT, Former Chief Nursing Executive and Chief, People Strategy, Humber River Health and Maureen Charlebois, RN, BScN, MHA, CHE, Chief Nursing and Clinical Officer, Bayshore HealthCare.

This BPG delivers the framework for redefining nursing practice, professional growth and evidence-based learning in a digital setting (RNAO, 2024). The PrecisionOS platform will provide a proactive approach towards leveraging this BPG for an improved patient care outcome.

PrecisionOS has provided the groundwork needed to foster progressive learning experiences and environments to engage nursing skill training and advance the care of patients receiving orthopedic surgery. The mission is to build a changed learning environment that will deepen the collaboration and cohesive surgical team relationship to excel patient care within the surgical program.

Ashley Dindyal, Clinical Practice Leader-Operating Room at Humber, responsible for organizing the training sessions, highlighted the importance of comprehensive team training, saying, “As nurses, we are integral to the success of every surgery. PrecisionOS provides us with a unique opportunity to enhance our understanding of procedures and collaborate more effectively with our surgical colleagues, ensuring a smoother and safer patient experience.”

Dr. Danny Goel, CEO of PrecisionOS, commented on the transformative impact of the software, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Humber River Health in their mission to optimize OR efficiency and patient safety. Given our central focus on patient care, education for the entire team from residents to nurses is a vital requirement from hospitals to ambulatory surgical centers around the world. This software offers a realistic, immersive collaborative training experience, enabling surgeons and surgical teams to hone their skills in a risk-free environment. By embracing PrecisionOS, Humber is investing in the future of orthopedic care.”

The deployment of PrecisionOS at Humber River Health marks a significant step forward in the evolution of orthopedic surgical training and underscores the hospital’s commitment to excellence in patient care.

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Humber River Health is one of Canada’s largest community acute care hospitals, serving a population of more than 850,000 people in the northwest Greater Toronto Area. The multi-site hospital currently operates out of its Wilson Avenue acute care site, Finch, and Church Campus’ with over 4,000 employees, approximately 700 physicians, and over 500 volunteers. Humber River Health uses a custom combination of technology and clinical expertise to rebuild elements of care, making technology work for staff and physicians, giving them more time to spend with patients. With the support of its incredible teams, a strong will, and determination, Humber River Health is committed to Lighting New Ways in Healthcare. For more information, please visit

About PrecisionOS:

PrecisionOS leads the global market in evidence-based immersive medical education for the healthcare sector. They are the trusted provider for healthcare professionals, residency programs, professional societies, and medical device companies around the world. Independently published trials validate participants increase both their confidence and surgical judgement after using the PrecisionOS platform. With collaborative affiliations spanning nearly 100 major global residency and fellowship programs across 60 countries, PrecisionOS is transforming medical education worldwide. Learn more at

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