Hivello appoints partners for token launch

TORONTO, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockmate Ventures Inc (TSX.V: MATE) (OTCQB: MATEF) (FSE: 8MH1) (“Blockmate” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its investee, Hivello Holdings will be undertaking a native token launch for its platform which will be supported by three new commercial partners.

The token launch is scheduled for August 30, 2024 with the token to provide utility within the Hivello DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) platform.

The Hivello Windows app was private beta launched in May 2024 and has generated significant interest with more than 20,000 users subscribing to the waitlist. The platform simplifies Web3 mining for novices that want to apply unused computing power to generate passive income.

To assist with the promotion and launch, Hivello has appointed Winn.Solutions, Luna PR and Forgd. Further details about each can be viewed in the Hivello media release below.

Blockmate owns a 67% stake in Hivello which successfully completed an upsized US$2.5 million funding round with its latest pre-money valuation of $9 million in February 2024.

Top 20 Finalist – Proof of Talk Conference

Blockmate is also pleased to report that Hivello qualified in the Top 20 startups at the Proof of Talk Conference in Paris on June 10, 2024. The assessor shared:

“The solution is innovative in its approach to aggregating multiple DePIN nodes into a single, user-friendly console. This level of integration and simplification is not commonly seen in the current market. It is also hard to copy due to the technical expertise required to manage multiple blockchain processes seamlessly and securely.”

Below is the press release from Hivello:

DePIN Aggregator, Hivello Formulates Strategic Partnerships to Accelerate Global Reach

(London & Amsterdam June, 13th, 2024). – DePIN aggregator, Hivello today announced the appointment of its strategic partners to further fuel the company’s growth. Hivello has partnered with Luna PR, an acclaimed agency recognized for its expertise in Web3 and emerging technologies, technical growth agency, Winn.Solutions, and innovative agency Forgd in preparation for its token launch scheduled for August 30th, 2024.

Hivello is dedicated to making DePIN easily accessible worldwide, simplifying the concept of Web3 mining for novices and allowing users to earn passive income by using their computer resources to earn tokens. Leveraging Luna PR’s extensive experience within the Web3 space, Hivello aims to reach a broader audience across both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers who can seamlessly participate in the decentralized economy. Additionally, Winn.Solutions, who operate on a referral-only basis, will help Hivello strategically and successfully launch their token in August, alongside FORGD, who will provide Hivello with the tools and protocol performance pre and post-TGE.

Domenic Carosa, Co-Founder and Chairman of Hivello said, “This collaboration signifies a powerful convergence of vision and expertise, amplifying our broader mission to create a dynamic and rewarding space for DePINs worldwide.”

Nikita Sachdev, Founder and CEO of Luna PR, expressed: “We recognize the growing need for Web3 companies and entities to innovate to encourage broader crypto adoption – and Hivello’s mission is a prime example of that. Our collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of reshaping the Web3 landscape, and we are delighted to support Hivello by bringing more awareness to an overlooked and highly fragmented niche in our market – DePINs.”

Jared Winn, Founder of Winn.Solutions commented: “Partnering with Hivello is an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the DePIN space. Together, we aim to drive innovation and enhance the user experience, making decentralized infrastructure more accessible and rewarding for everyone.”

Shane Molidor, Founder and CEO of Forgd said, “At Forgd, we have an arsenal of tools to support entities with token launches, and we believe that combining our expertise with Hivello’s innovative product will lead to an engaging and successful TGE.”

Hivello recently announced an initial $2.5M fund in January 2024, and revealed its private beta application at the global event Consensus, following a waitlist period that garnered over 20,000 signups. By onboarding three reputable partners, Hivello’s vision and long-term business strategy will be actualized and accelerated in an effort to establish the organization as a pioneer in the DePIN space.

About Blockmate Ventures Inc.

Blockmate Ventures is a venture creator focussing on building fast growing technology businesses relating to cutting edge sectors such as blockchain, climate and energy storage. Working with prospective founders, projects in incubation can benefit from the Blockmate ecosystem that offers tech, services, integrations and advice to accelerate the incubation of projects towards monetization. Recent projects include Hivello (download our free passive income app at and Sunified, digitising solar energy.

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About Hivello
Hivello, led by distinguished blockchain payment solution pioneers, is dedicated to transforming the accessibility of decentralized services globally. Users can start earning tokens in minutes, as simply as installing an app – no wallet, blockchain, or Web3 experience necessary.

As a pioneer in the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) sector, Hivello stands at the vanguard of democratizing access to decentralized infrastructure.

For more information about Hivello and to stay updated on its developments, visit

About Luna PR
Luna PR is an award-winning public relations and marketing agency that has offices worldwide, with its headquarters located in Dubai. It was founded in 2017 and has since served prominent companies in the Web3, fintech, emerging tech, and gaming industries. The agency’s portfolio of clients spans startups to established multinational corporations. With a team of over 100 employees across 3 continents, Luna PR connects tomorrow’s technology with today’s audience.

About Winn.Solutions
WGM is recognized as a prestigious and selective full-stack growth marketing agency in the Web3 space. Known for its stringent client selection process, WGM collaborates exclusively with projects that exhibit exceptional potential. WGM has helped to successfully launch hundreds of tokens, many of which have become Top 100 tokens. Trusted by major VC groups, WGM operates on a referral-only basis, focusing on projects deemed to be significant opportunities in the blockchain industry.

Forgd is an innovative agency which empowers blockchain protocols throughout every stage of their token life cycle – including both pre-TGE (token generation event), such as token design, preparation for listing and post-listed stages, such as market-making.

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Justin Rosenberg, CEO
Blockmate Ventures Inc

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