Meridianbet Launches “EURO 2024 – Every Goal for a Better Tomorrow” Initiative

Meridianbet Donations for EURO 2024

Meridianbet Donations for EURO 2024
Meridianbet Donations for EURO 2024

VALETTA, Malta, June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meridianbet, a well-established and gaming group present in 17 jurisdictions worldwide, is proud to announce the launch of the “EURO 2024: Every Goal for a Better Tomorrow” initiative. This campaign, cherishing the beginning of the paramount European football tournament, underscores the company’s commitment to making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable communities.

Money Pledged for Every Goal Scored

Meridianbet has pledged to donate €30 for every goal scored during the EURO 2024 tournament. These funds will be dedicated to improving primary living conditions, improving health services, and supporting educational programs for those in need. This initiative demonstrates Meridianbet’s dedication to leveraging the excitement of EURO 2024 to create positive social impact.

Integrating CSR with Strategic Growth

At Meridianbet, the dedication to community support and strategic growth are deeply interconnected. The company believes that its path to becoming the most successful business in the industry is paved with sustainable practices. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) portfolio reflects Meridianbet’s commitment to addressing critical societal issues, including responsibility, diversity, and inclusion.

Meridianbet’s CSR Approach: Employees as CSR Ambassadors

In 2023 only, Meridianbet undertook 225 large-scale CSR actions, demonstrating the company’s belief in the power of sustainable business practices. These initiatives, other than being projects, also represent the core of the company’s mission to positively impact every community in which Meridianbet operates.

To name a few:

  • Community support and public advocacy: Sponsorships of documentary films, sports clubs, and associations; blood donation campaigns; International Women’s Day celebrations; and relief programs for natural disasters
  • Environmental sustainability: Organization of in-house global afforestation programs, public cleanup campaigns, and climate-focused planting initiatives

Social inclusion and diversity: Efforts through the Meridianbet Foundation, humanitarian bet slips, and support for organizations whose core value is inclusion and equal living condition for all – to name only a few.

Introducing Meridian Donate

A cornerstone of Meridianbet’s CSR efforts is the Meridian Donate platform, which enables the company to streamline and amplify its charitable initiatives through its own customers (players).

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