EchoNous Announces Sale of 157 Units of Kosmos Ultrasound Technology to Madrid’s Primary Care System

MADRID, Spain, June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EchoNous, a leader in AI-enabled point-of-care ultrasound systems (POCUS), is excited to announce the installation of 157 Kosmos units in more than 150 primary care centers across Madrid, Spain. Known for its user-friendly design, the handheld Kosmos system simplifies access to diagnostic-grade imaging, enabling users of various experience levels to perform accurate ultrasound assessments.

The installation aligns with Spain’s initiative to expand the capabilities of its primary care centers and reduce hospital congestion. Traditionally, hospitals have been the sole source of ultrasound examinations for Spanish citizens. As a result, many hospitals have become overcrowded, often forcing new patients to wait several months to receive diagnoses for myriad conditions.

By empowering primary care physicians with Kosmos, Madrid aims to make primary care centers the first stop for patients requiring ultrasound examinations, removing pressure from hospitals. Kosmos offers numerous advanced features such as AI-driven anatomical labeling and precise view identification, allowing the user to examine the patient and determine whether a hospital visit is necessary in minutes.

Administering ultrasound examinations as early as possible also increases the efficiency of Madrid’s healthcare system. Patients who are confirmed healthy will be diverted from hospitals while patients who require further investigation will face fewer delays between vital examinations.

“Kosmos helps family physicians perform ultrasounds with remarkable simplicity,” said a Madrid physician involved in the Kosmos rollout. “The equipment brilliantly supports the core objectives of introducing ultrasounds to Madrid’s primary care space: reducing unnecessary patient referrals, and optimizing care for people who actually need hospital service.”

The implementation of Kosmos positions Spain as a leader in the global adoption of portable ultrasound imaging. In addition to expanding access to ultrasound services, the technology provides AI-driven guidance to assist each user’s formal ultrasound training.

“At EchoNous, our vision is to put Kosmos in the hands of more healthcare professionals while shortening the path of becoming proficient with ultrasound technology,” said Graham Cox, CEO of EchoNous. “This partnership is going to bring advanced diagnostic capabilities to millions of people, redefining the concept of primary care as we know it.”

About EchoNous:

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Luke Baldwin
Vice President Global Marketing