Cognistx Launches AI-Powered Web Assistant to Boost Sales and Support

SQUARY learns from every user, transforming customer support and sales strategies across industries.

Sanjay Chopra, CEO of Cognistx

Sanjay Chopra, CEO of Cognistx
Sanjay Chopra, CEO of Cognistx


Airoom launches Roomy, Cognistx's AI-powered website assistant that learns from user interaction, provides verified and sourced information and support sales and support teams.
Airoom launches Roomy, Cognistx’s AI-powered website assistant that learns from user interaction, provides verified and sourced information and support sales and support teams.

Pittsburgh, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cognistx, a leader in AI enterprise solutions, announces the launch of SQUARY, an AI-powered website assistant that learns and evolves with user interaction, providing accurate, verified answers and quick access to sales and support.

Cognistx’s most notable implementation of SQUARY can be seen on, the website for Airoom Architects, Builders and Remodelers, a leading Chicagoland home design, building and remodeling firm. Roomy (Airoom’s name for its intelligent answering agent) seamlessly guides website visitors to home design services and resources, live support and sales.

“SQUARY’s ability to integrate with a company’s existing information infrastructure ensures that the answers provided are not only accurate but also aligned with an organization’s specific objectives and standards,” said Cognistx CEO Sanjay Chopra.

SQUARY isn’t a chatbot with programmed responses and keyword triggers. Using machine learning, a subset of AI, SQUARY understands the intent of the user’s question and generates responses using content found on that company’s website. SQUARY also learns from users’ questions, comments and feedback to become faster and more helpful over time.

SQUARY can be completely customized for a client’s brand. It will have the brand’s look, feel and voice. SQUARY can also be tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. For, SQUARY links users to building and design resources sourced and approved by Airoom, including connecting them to partner builders.

In the healthcare sector, SQUARY, can be customized by the provider to supply patients with verified medical information, guiding them through booking appointments or even helping them understand their treatment plans. In the education field, SQUARY can support students by answering course-related questions, providing study resources and offering assignment assistance.

With SQUARY, Cognistx is setting a new standard for intelligent, responsive and adaptive customer engagement. Here’s an overview of its top features:

●      Sourced Information: SQUARY provides answers sourced only from verified information, ensuring users receive accurate and reliable responses.
●      Enhanced Understanding: By linking directly to the source of the information, SQUARY fosters a greater understanding of the content provided.
●      Seamless Connectivity: When prompted by the user, SQUARY can efficiently connect the user to sales and support teams, facilitating direct communication.
●      Customized Brand Voice: SQUARY’s responses are customized to match a company’s brand voice.
●      Continuous Learning: SQUARY learns from user interactions, continuously adapting and improving its responses based on user feedback.

Roomy enhances our user engagement and evolves to users’ needs,” said Hynek Stehno, director of digital marketing for Airoom. “Its ability to learn and adapt makes it a game-changer for us as we continuously expand our online engagement.”

One of the standout benefits is data security that allows companies to control their data, maintaining accuracy and privacy. Cognistx never uses a customer’s data to train models for other customers. Plus, any external APIs would only be enabled with client consent, following a strict security protocol.

Contact us to test SQUARY on your website, Email Sanjay Chopra, Explore how Cognistx developed SQUARY, an AI-powered web assistant that learns and evolves with each user interaction, on Cognistx’s AI-Driven podcast.

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