Intrado LifeHub Brings Fast Rollout and Reduced Overhead to PSAPs with New AI Enhanced, Azure Cloud-native Call Handling Solution

911 call centers of any size can now take advantage of next-generation 911 technology capabilities, including call management and more

LONGMONT, Colo., June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Intrado Life & Safety (“Intrado”), a global leader in emergency communication services and end-to-end solutions, today announced the general availability of Intrado LifeHub, a geo redundant, cloud and browser based call handling solution for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and Emergency Call Centers (ECCs) of any size that enables emergency services teams to significantly reduce the time it takes to ingest and respond to urgent situations.

The new LifeHub solution demonstrates Intrado’s mission to always be there in an emergency, regardless of PSAP size, budget or infrastructure. Deployed on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, Intrado LifeHub is designed to speed up next-generation 911 (NG911) technology adoption and deployment for PSAPs by reducing the cost of initial deployment to accommodate budget, human resources, and IT infrastructure limitations that can hold back technology advancement and innovation. The solution’s active-active geo-redundant architecture connects data centers across different jurisdictions, ensuring that voice calls and communication can continue in the event of call overflow or a network failure at one location. With LifeHub, Intrado is a strategic partner to PSAPs that want to embrace the future of emergency services and response technology.

Reducing the overall cost of acquiring LifeHub to speed up deployment minimizes the time-to-value for PSAPs that must strategically select when and how to adopt new solutions based on the unique needs, funding levels and environments of their jurisdiction. PSAPs that use LifeHub can focus more on serving their communities and less on infrastructure and IT projects due to the cloud-hosted platform’s low maintenance and overhead cost.

“Intrado LifeHub has been designed for quick and cost-effective implementation to reduce the operational burden of deployment, benefiting PSAPs of all sizes, including smaller ones where staffing is a constant challenge. With 68% of the PSAPs in the United States being five seats or smaller, we took special care to optimize the cloud-native solution so that these smaller, but equally critical, call centers can take advantage of the LifeHub 911 technology,” said Jaz Lin, Head of Product at Intrado. “With ease of use, speed of deployment, strong ROI, and low startup costs, LifeHub empowers all PSAPs, large and small, to enhance their operations and service delivery.”

Intrado is also enhancing cloud, and hosted versions of its call handling solutions, VIPER and LifeHub, to shorten the time it takes to process and respond to incoming emergency calls. With these solutions, which are respectively deployed in a hosted environment and in the cloud, Intrado is proving its commitment to serving as a strategic partner on the cloud adoption journey by meeting PSAPs and communities at their current level of technological readiness. Both VIPER and LifeHub also feature improved text, transcription, and translation capabilities driven by API integrations with Azure Cognitive Services to power automatic language detection and real-time translation for Text-to-911 interactions and voice calls. Automated translation capabilities shave vital seconds from the length of emergency calls, optimizing PSAPs’ ability to respond to crisis scenarios in a timely manner without increasing staffing levels.

“The partnership between Microsoft and Intrado is helping to revolutionize Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with the cutting-edge capabilities of Intrado LifeHub. Leveraging the secure and resilient Microsoft Azure Cloud, along with Azure Cognitive Services’ AI tools, we are dedicated to enhancing Intrado’s impact on emergency communications.” said Chad Wallace, Senior Business Strategy Manager, Public Safety & Justice at Microsoft. “Intrado’s VIPER and LifeHub solutions, powered by Microsoft’s cloud-based technology, help to enable mission-critical operations. This collaboration is pivotal in boosting the efficiency of Intrado’s customers and advancing emergency response to protect communities.”

In addition to supporting emergency call management and ingestion, Intrado LifeHub also helps 911 operators locate callers and manage emergency response team operations. Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) call transfer, abandoned call handling and PSAP initiated video capabilities enable emergency response professionals to quickly locate and reconnect with 911 callers if communication ends prematurely for any reason. LifeHub also features SIPREC based recording, standards-based i3 logging, which enables Intrado ECATS Reporting and other PSAP analytical tools to monitor the performance of 911 call center teams.

Intrado LifeHub will be on display at the 2024 National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Conference and Expo from June 28 – July 3 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Florida. At the event, attendees can speak with the Intrado team and experience the solution. Learn more about LifeHub at

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