MyBudget announces transition to Annature for a more efficient and cost-effective eSigning solution

BRISBANE, Australia, June 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MyBudget, Australia’s most trusted specialist in budgeting, debt solutions and money management, today announced its successful transition to Australian eSigning innovator Annature.

This partnership sees MyBudget, which also operates loans solutions service MyBudget Loans and custom home building company MyHomeBuild, using Annature for all formal internal and external client-facing documents across its businesses, at a significantly lower cost than its previous eSigning provider, DocuSign.

For more than 25 years, MyBudget’s team of money experts have been helping Australians reduce their debt, create savings and manage their money with confidence, offering detailed budget plans, a secure automated payment platform that manages and pays bills on time, and ongoing support from money experts. To continue this market-leading service (in addition to MyBudget Loans and MyHomeBuild), MyBudget required a fast, effective eSigning solution for sales contracts, employment contracts and loan applications, along with a myriad of other businesswide supporting documents.

In switching from DocuSign to Annature, MyBudget reduced eSigning costs by over 280% per year, while also benefiting from personalised, always-on service and custom-designed features.

“With DocuSign, we were paying in excess of $50,000 per year, and we found ourselves paying excessive overage costs, which essentially rendered the partnership commercially unviable,” said Danielle Puntureri, Chief Marketing & People Officer at MyBudget. “Our newfound partnership with Annature now sees our costs reduced enormously to $13,000 per year. Any overage on our pre-approved usage is charged at the same rate as our earlier envelopes, with no overage or premium cost applied. For us, this is a far more cost-effective and commercially sensible arrangement.”

“Supporting an Australian-owned and operated business is also important to MyBudget,” Puntureri continued. “Annature is secure, efficient and cost-effective. Their agile and client-centric approach to finding the right solution to suit our business requirements allowed for a seamless migration away from our previous provider.”

Annature worked closely alongside MyBudget to execute this transition from DocuSign on a tight timeframe. “Annature worked hand in glove with us to provide us access to the platform within 24 hours of contract signing, in case we were cut off from our incumbent service provider,” Puntureri said. “Fortunately, we were able to complete the full onboarding and roll-out plan prior to account deactivation.”

Additionally, MyBudget previously used DocuSign’s tagging function, which auto-placed fields in its clients’ contracts that aren’t available in a standard template. To make the switch viable, Annature founder and CEO Corey Cacic and Product Manager Daniel Edridge custom-built this functionality into their platform, which is now available to all Annature users.

“We’re believers in MyBudget’s mission to help everyday Australians live a life free from money worries, by gaining control of their finances and managing personal debt,” commented Annature founder and CEO Corey Cacic. “We knew our eSigning solutions were a perfect fit for their business needs, at a much fairer price point than their previous provider. As we continue to innovate and refine our platform, we’ll consult closely with MyBudget on any new features we believe will enhance their operations.”


Annature is Australia’s leading eSignature and client verification provider, established in 2020. We offer secure and efficient digital signing solutions ideal for businesses needing to send documents electronically and conduct client verifications seamlessly.

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