Tactical Traps Launches New Range of Innovative Concealment Furniture to Help Homeowners Better Protect Their Families

Crown Point, Indiana, June 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tactical Traps, a leading producer of diverse concealment furniture and tactical products, is excited to announce the launch of its new product selection, including Tactical Traps mirror, concealment shelves, and the tactical coffee table. These high-quality products are designed to offer homeowners innovative and stylish ways to hide their firearms and gain quick access if the need arises to protect their families.

Comprising a team of master carpenters, American veterans, and hard-working men and women who all take pride in creating the best concealment furniture homeowners can buy, Tactical Traps’ new range of durable and reliable concealment furniture has been expertly crafted to guarantee strategic, quick access to pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammo or any other type home defense weapon in beautifully crafted furniture that can be customized through a range of eye-catching finishes to match every décor style in the home.

“Our goal isn’t a big one, but it’s about as important as I can think of – we want to build high quality, handcrafted, reliable products that will give you the chance to protect your family and loved ones at a moment’s notice,” said a spokesperson for Tactical Traps. “For this reason, we sell our products at a considerably lower price than others… but without an ounce of doubt in my mind, with far better durability, reliability, and quality. We guarantee you that.”

The new concealment products now offered in Tactical Traps extensive range include:

Tactical Mirrors: One of the most unique long gun concealment products currently available on the market, The Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror is a 47 ½ x 19 ½ full-length mirror with real glass that seamlessly fits into every home due to its selection of high-quality finishes to match rooms unique décor. The durable and stylish product can comfortably stash a shotgun, rifle, and multiple pistols while being easily accessible with a swipe of a fingerprint to initiate the auto-open gas shocks and LED lighting – making it one of the most inventive tactical displays offered at Tactical Traps.

Concealment Shelves: With easy installation and customizable foam inserts to cater to a wide variety of gun types, Tactical Traps shelves deliver high-end designs combined with secure gun storage and instant accessibility. Showcased in products, such as the Special Edition Bluetooth Patriot 35S Original that boasts exceptional craftsmanship and sleek lines with the added ease of a Bluetooth lock, homeowners can safely protect their family in style and with the simplicity of enabling access through an app.

Tactical Coffee Tables: From rustic and vintage designs to modern sophistication, the Tactical Coffee Table is an ingenious way to effortlessly conceal pistols, short rifles, or shotguns in the convenience of a family’s living room. Providing peace of mind and a customizable foam pad to comfortably fit every weapon, Tactical Traps coffee tables are limited editions with two built-in safeguards to offer homeowners premium-quality protection.

With a wide selection of quality concealment cabinets, mirrors, flags, shelves, and coffee tables, each designed with a focus on design and accessibility by expert carpenters and offered at cost-effective prices, Tactical Traps, and its state-of-the-art concealment products have earned an impressive reputation as the best concealment furniture on the market.

Tactical Traps encourages customers to browse its new selection today and to fill out the contact form via its website if they have any questions to hear back swiftly from a professional member of its team.

About Tactical Traps

Tactical Traps is a leading producer of diverse concealment furniture and tactical products, including concealment shelves, flags, coffee tables, mantles, and mirrors. Committed to offering families high-quality, handcrafted, reliable concealment furniture, Tactical Traps enables homeowners to protect their family and loved ones at a moment’s notice.

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To learn more about Tactical Traps and the launch of its new range of concealment products, please visit the website at https://www3.tacticaltraps.com/.

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