Patriot Crew Partners with The Headstrong Project to Support Veterans

Breaking down barriers to mental health and empowering consumers to be a part of a positive change.

Austin, TX, June 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Patriot Crew, an American-owned and operated family business dedicated to supporting the nation’s defenders through curated apparel, proudly announces its collaboration with The Headstrong Project, a non-profit organization committed to providing stigma-free PTSD treatment to veterans and their families.

Veterans often face unique challenges upon returning home, including navigating the transition to civilian life and coping with the effects of combat exposure. Access to timely and effective mental health care is crucial in addressing these challenges.

Recognizing the urgent need for comprehensive mental health care for veterans, Patriot Crew and The Headstrong Project have joined forces. Through their collaboration, they aim to raise awareness about the importance of veteran mental health care and provide accessible, stigma-free treatment options for those in need.

By leveraging Patriot Crew’s platform and resources and The Headstrong Project’s expertise in trauma-informed care, the partnership seeks to amplify the voices of veterans, advocating for greater empathy when dealing with their mental health care.

Together, they aim to break down barriers to treatment and ensure that veterans and their families receive the support they deserve. This collaboration underscores the power of collective action in addressing mental health crises and demonstrates a shared commitment to honoring a veteran’s sacrifice by prioritizing their well-being.

As part of this cause, Patriot Crew pledges to donate a portion of all sales from the Collections to fund essential services for veterans and their families.

Our Collections in Patriot Crew features a range of apparel designed to spark meaningful conversations about mental health, reduce stigma, and promote solidarity with veterans. Each item is not only a statement of patriotism but also a symbol of support for those who may be struggling with mental health issues.

With each purchase, customers become part of a larger movement dedicated to improving the lives of the military-connected community. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference. Every purchase means The Headstrong Project can expand its reach and impact, providing more individuals with access to life-changing mental health care.

By raising awareness and rallying behind this important cause, more people can honor the sacrifices of those who have served the country and help them lead fulfilling lives beyond the battlefield.

In addition to supporting vital mental health services, Patriot Crew’s Collections also serves as a platform for education. By highlighting the stories of veterans who have overcome mental health challenges, Patriot Crew hopes to inspire hope and resilience within the veteran community and beyond.

Patriot Crew and The Headstrong Project are paving the way for a brighter future for the nation’s heroes, one where mental health care is readily accessible, compassionate, and effective.

Visit Patriot Crew and The Headstrong Project to learn more and support their mission of providing mental health care for veterans.

About Patriot Crew:

Patriot Crew is an American-owned and operated family business based in Austin, Texas. It honors and supports the nation’s defenders, veterans, and first responders with one-of-a-kind products that embody the modern-day patriotic spirit. Founded on the principles of patriotism, integrity, and service, Patriot Crew ensures each item is meticulously crafted and printed in-house to uphold the highest standards of American craftsmanship.

About The Headstrong Project:

Based in New York, The Headstrong Project is a veteran-founded non-profit organization dedicated to providing barrier-free and stigma-free PTSD treatment to veterans, service members, and their families. Through its network of trauma-informed clinical partners, The Headstrong Project offers evidence-based outpatient care addressing the psychological aftermath of trauma and helping veterans thrive in their post-service lives.

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