Konica Minolta Healthcare and Christie Innomed Partner to Provide Healthcare IT Sales and Services in the US

Exa Platform

Konica Minolta Healthcare’s Exa® Platform is a software solution comprised of PACS, RIS and Billing modules for managing medical imaging and patient data across the healthcare spectrum.
Konica Minolta Healthcare’s Exa® Platform is a software solution comprised of PACS, RIS and Billing modules for managing medical imaging and patient data across the healthcare spectrum.

WAYNE, N.J., June 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas announced today a strategic partnership with Comp-Ray, Inc., a Christie Innomed company, that will bolster Konica Minolta’s Healthcare IT sales and distribution in the US. Christie Innomed will be introducing their best-in-class Canadian Healthcare IT service offerings in the US through this partnership. This alliance is projected to be a driver of business growth for both organizations.

Comp-Ray, Inc. will sell and provide services for Konica Minolta Healthcare’s Exa® Platform, a software solution comprised of PACS, RIS and Billing modules for managing medical imaging and patient data across the healthcare spectrum. The Exa Platform provides distinct benefits of speed, security, flexibility and access with advanced features such as Server-Side Rendering, Diagnostic Zero Footprint viewer and a single integrated database across all modules.

The Exa Platform is available with cloud hosting. Konica Minolta is a leader in healthcare cloud hosting with over 1.5 Petabytes of data for over 200 customers with 6 million studies. As a fully web-based solution, the Exa Platform gives customers a cloud-hosting choice with either AWS or Konica Minolta’s private cloud. With either solution, Exa Platform customers have the flexibility, agility and scalability to deploy and manage software securely and efficiently.

“Konica Minolta Healthcare is excited to partner with Comp-Ray and Christie Innomed to expand our sales and distribution while leveraging their industry leading healthcare IT services,” says Kevin Chlopecki, Chief Operating Officer, Konica Minolta Healthcare. “This collaboration is a key component of Konica Minolta’s business growth in 2024 and beyond.”

Comp-Ray’s Healthcare IT (HIT) Solutions division will work in close collaboration with Konica Minolta’s Healthcare IT business to provide innovative solutions with the Exa Platform in the US. Konica Minolta’s Healthcare IT service excellence has a proven track record in simplifying complex and diverse digital ecosystems to facilitate the flow of information and streamline access to and sharing of diagnostic information through efficient and customizable workflows.

“We are proud to embark on this exciting partnership with Konica Minolta, which represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and creating value for customers in the US. Together, we look forward to leveraging our collective expertise and resources to drive positive outcomes and make a meaningful impact,” says Martin Roy, President & CEO, Christie Innomed.

About Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc.
Konica Minolta Healthcare is a world-class provider and market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and healthcare information technology. The company’s focus is to contribute to life changing advances through the transformation of primary imaging, allowing the invisible to be seen. Primary imaging, the most commonly used medical imaging technologies, include X-ray, ultrasound and imaging management systems. By advancing these readily available technologies, we can bring greater diagnostic capabilities to the greatest number of people.

With 150 years of endless innovation, imaging is in Konica Minolta’s DNA. From roots as a camera and film manufacturer, the company has cultivated its own technologies and continues to evolve techniques for visualizing what is not visible. Innovation allows the company to be a strong strategic partner, understanding what value means to customers and how Konica Minolta’s innovations can address specific needs and lead to better decisions, sooner.

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., headquartered in Wayne, NJ, is a division of Konica Minolta, Inc. For more information on Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, or visit https://healthcare.konicaminolta.us.

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About Christie Innomed, Inc. and Comp-Ray, Inc.
Founded in 1954, Christie Innomed is committed to provide innovative medical technologies and leading-edge service solutions helping to maximize efficiency while improving the quality and the safety of patient care pathway in North America. Christie Innomed is a leader in Health IT Solutions, Medical Imaging Equipment Solutions and Service Solutions & Multi-Vendor Services (MVS), with over 200 dedicated specialists serving more than 2,500 hospitals and clinics across Canada and the United States. Its goal is to empower healthcare institutions to imagine more by providing innovative technologies in the areas of health IT solutions, medical imaging, medical informatics, and related services. Christie Innomed acquired Comp-Ray, Inc. in 2022. Comp-Ray operates out of its Arizona headquarters and provides services throughout the Western United States. For more information, visit www.compray.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

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