Quadient Expands its Open Locker Network in New High Traffic Locations in Japan, Leveraging Existing JR East Smart Logistics Lockers

  • For the first time, Quadient is expanding its network with a new approach of third-party network integration, highlighting its agility in deploying open and interoperable logistics ecosystems
  • The expanded offer enhances logistics efficiency, proximity, customer convenience, and environmental sustainability across Japan’s extensive railway network

Quadient (Euronext Paris: QDT), a global automation platform powering secure and sustainable business connections, announced today a significant expansion of its open locker network in Japan through a strategic partnership with JR East Smart Logistics Co., Ltd., the logistics arm of the major Japanese rail company. This collaboration integrates Quadient’s advanced parcel delivery and pickup functionalities into JR East’s existing multifunctional locker system, Multi E-Cube, across Japan’s extensive railway network. This marks the first time Quadient is expanding its intelligent locker capacities to third-party networks, highlighting its agility in deploying an open and interoperable logistics ecosystem with new approaches.

Quadient’s robust and agile back-end platform allows for seamless integration between systems. Multi E-Cube lockers are now part of Quadient’s versatile and open network of nearly 7,000 locations offering multicarrier parcel delivery and pickup services in Japan. This initiative leverages Quadient’s intelligent locker platform to provide an efficient and user-friendly experience for parcel collection while repurposing existing locker networks. By integrating existing locker systems, Quadient significantly reduces environmental impact and costs, and offers more proximity services to consumers in train stations.

“We are thrilled to partner with JR East Smart Logistics in this groundbreaking new approach,” said Geoffrey Godet, Chief Executive Officer at Quadient. “Thanks to our agile software platform, we are adding this existing locker network into our broader open locker network, allowing us to expand our network in record time in very strategic high traffic areas. This collaboration exemplifies our vision of an open and interconnected network that benefits carriers, end users and hosts all while being conscious of the environment.”

E-commerce customers can now conveniently select their desired pick-up location among JR East stations during the check-out process in the different e-commerce platforms that offer locker delivery. Once parcels are delivered to the selected unit, customers receive an automated notification with a pick-up code allowing them to securely retrieve their packages. The service operates from the first to the last train at each station, with some lockers available 24/7.

Yasushi Ichihara, President and CEO, JR East Smart Logistics Co., Ltd, explained: “We are witnessing a transformative shift in the role of station lockers, driven by the evolving landscape of e-commerce and heightened consumer demands. We are expanding our locker functionalities beyond mere storage to include parcel delivery and pickup, ensuring more efficient and environmentally sustainable delivery processes, while also enhancing the daily convenience of JR East stations for our valued customers. We are committed to fostering collaborations with a diverse range of business partners, leveraging our expanded locker capabilities to facilitate not only the storage and delivery of goods but also innovative services like dry cleaning item management and after-hours item retrieval, enriching the lives of citizens and contributing to a positive future.”

Currently, 145 Multi E Cube units are installed at key locations such as Tokyo and Shinjuku stations, with approximately 1,000 units planned for deployment by the end of 2026.

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