Eighth Grader Releases A Stunning And Fun Book of Brain Puzzles For ALL Ages

New From Palmetto Publishing: PUZZLE MANIA

Puzzle Mania


Charleston, SC, June 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — If you love a good brain teaser, you can’t miss this accomplished middle schooler’s new release. Puzzle Mania contains hours of logic puzzles—each of which presents a short story about what you need to solve for in each puzzle. Then, readers will analyze the provided clues and mark their observations on the grid.

Puzzle Mania features large pages, making reading and marking answers on the grid simple and easy for beginners through veteran puzzlers. The book’s puzzles range in difficulty—after you solve the first few, you can advance to the more complex problems!

The hours of logic puzzle solving contained in Puzzle Mania is a perfect introduction to the world of logic puzzles for beginners, or a brisk exercise for daily puzzle solvers. No matter your puzzling level, 14-year-old Sanjay Pappu’s Puzzle Mania will delight and entertain you.

So… Do you think you can solve it?

Puzzle Mania is available for purchase online at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. For more information, you can follow Sanjay at https://sanjaypappu.my.canva.site/ or email him at PuzzlesbySanjay@gmail.com.

About the Author:
Sanjay Pappu is a 14-year-old 8th grader living in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. His interests include solving puzzles including jigsaws, Rubik’s cube, logic, sudoku, and crosswords. He completes the New York Times puzzles including Wordle and Connections daily. He learns Carnatic music and is a member of the school choir. He loves basketball, especially the Boston Celtics, and plays for the town travel team and an AAU club. In addition to his hobbies, he holds an elected position on the student council and is the incoming Freshman class president. He enjoys traveling to historical places and going on adventures like ziplining, snorkeling, and skiing.

Media Contact: Sanjay Pappu, puzzlesbysanjay@gmail.com

Instagram – sanjaypappu21

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61561070160976

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