Spreading Love and Excitement with DUOTTS E-Bikes at the Euro 2024

SHENZHEN, China, June 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shenzhen Yiwoke Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter known as the “DUOTTS”) is excited to launch the “Spread the Love” campaign, enhancing the Euro Cup 2024 experience through joy and community participation. This initiative connects fans across Europe during the European Championship 2024.

How to Engage: Join, Share, and Win!
Participants can engage with the “Spread the Love” campaign by following DUOTTS on Facebook, sharing posts, and commenting. The campaign offers exciting prizes, including DUOTTS ebikes, discount vouchers, and accessory gift packs. Sharing this experience with loved ones adds emotional value, making the European Championship 2024 even more memorable.


Overview of DUOTTS E-Bikes

  • DUOTTS C29
    Perfect for urban commuters, the C29 electric bike features a powerful 750W motor, 48V 15AH battery, and 29*2.1-inch tires. It’s ideal for daily commuting and exploring Euro 2024 host cities. During the competition, buyers can save €50, plus an additional €30 discount.
  • DUOTTS F26
    Built for adventure with dual 750W motors and 26*4.0-inch fat tires, the F26 electric bike offers stability and power for off-road explorations. During Euro Cup 2024, enjoy savings of €130, plus an additional €30 discount.
  • DUOTTS S26
    With long-range capabilities and a robust dual motor setup, the S26 electric bike is suitable for long-distance travel and varied terrains, making it perfect for extensive journeys. Buyers can save €150, plus an extra €30 off, offering exceptional value for experienced riders.
  • DUOTTS N26
    Blending traditional and modern design, the N26 electric bike features dual 750W motors, 26*4.0-inch tires, and an innovative motorcycle-inspired look. This great mountain bike is ideal for both urban environments and rough terrains. During the Euro 2024, buyers can save €100, plus an additional €50 discount, making it a standout choice for stylish and powerful riding.

Spread the Love with DUOTTS
Join the “Spread the Love” campaign to celebrate the Euro 2024 with DUOTTS. Don’t miss the chance to win high-performance e-bikes and enjoy exclusive discounts at DUOTTS’ e-bike shop

DUOTTS is committed to providing high-quality, innovative e-bikes that revolutionize urban and off-road transportation. With a focus on sustainable solutions and customer satisfaction, DUOTTS offers a range of e-bike products designed to meet the needs of modern riders.

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