Zyter|TruCare Announces Launch of Zyter|TruCare 24.1, Elevating Population Health Management with Advanced Digital Solutions

Update Enhances Care Management, Streamlines Processes, and Integrates Advanced Virtual Health Capabilities

Rockville, Maryland, June 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zyter|TruCare, a leading, clinically driven healthcare services and technology provider, announces the launch of Zyter|TruCare 24.1. This significant update marks a continued evolution in Zyter|TruCare’s commitment to improving population health management and value-based care execution. Zyter|TruCare 24.1 introduces new features to enhance care management, simplify authorization processes, integrate advanced virtual health capabilities, and improve the overall user experience. 

Re-imagine Care Management with Zyter|TruCare 24.1 

Zyter|TruCare 24.1 delivers essential tools designed to optimize operational efficiency and enhance the quality of care. Key themes and innovations include: 

  • Empowering Care Management with Advanced Tools: New configurable fields and a Request Source dropdown at the Business Hierarchy Profile (BHP) level enable precise coordination, tracking, and management in value-based care, while enhanced capture of Appointment of Representative (AOR) validity ensures all necessary information is accurately recorded and readily available. 
  • Streamlining Authorization and Appeals Processes: New AOR-related line-item fields and customizable authorization header fields at the Business Hierarchy Profile (BHP) level enhance control and accuracy, while a dedicated tab for Line of Business-specific User-Defined Fields (UDF) and updated APIs ensure efficient field management, data scalability, and compliance. 
  • Integrating Cutting-Edge Virtual Health Features: Personalized monitoring plans and tailored care transition monitoring for comprehensive support for chronic conditions, transitional care, and maternal health enhance patient engagement and outcomes. Ensure timely care coordination by associating key dates and scheduling specific tasks, promoting comprehensive and effective care adherence. 
  • Transforming TruCare Mobile’s Interface: Access comprehensive member details for tailored care plans and improved coordination, view detailed clinical summaries for accurate treatment and better outcomes, and benefit from enhanced user experience with quick offline access, streamlined data syncing, error reduction, and improved usability features. 
  • Optimizing Appeals and Grievances Communication: Streamline Appeals and Grievances (AAG) notification management with predefined templates and tags within TruCare 24.1, enhance workflow efficiency through integrated task and notification tools, and improve customization and tracking with user-defined fields, dynamic tags, and unified correspondence tracking for better compliance and auditability. 

Sanjay Govil, Chairman and CEO of Zyter|TruCare, comments on the release: “The launch of Zyter|TruCare 24.1 highlights our dedication to empowering healthcare organizations with advanced tools and technologies. This release enhances coordination, streamlines processes, and improves patient engagement and outcomes. We remain committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare providers, health plans, and patients, ensuring effective and efficient care.” 

These advancements reflect Zyter|TruCare’s commitment to setting new standards in healthcare efficiency, productivity, and quality of care. The 24.1 release demonstrates our focus on continuous improvement, introducing solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and the populations they serve. 

About Zyter|TruCare 

Zyter|TruCare™ offers purpose-built software and services designed for payers, providers, and public health organizations, facilitating effective management of value-based care delivery universally. Key offerings include: 

  • Insights Health: Outcomes and performance management analytics and AI for companies caring for at-risk populations, ensuring high-quality care while reducing the cost of healthcare delivery. 
  • Population Health: Combines analytics-informed Risk Stratification, Care Management (Care Gaps, Barriers to Care, and Care Opportunities), Medication Management,
Utilization Management, and more on a single platform. 
  • Virtual Health: Extends our Population Health offering with Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, and omnichannel Communication capabilities on a single platform. 
  • Connected Health: Integrates our Population Health and Virtual Health solutions with any of our customers’ ecosystems using native interoperability and APIs. 

In addition, Zyter|TruCare™ industry experts work with your teams to drive digital transformation, helping your teams determine the model that best fits your organization and your strategy. We offer software support, consulting, and managed services with our world-class software. Zyter|TruCare’s consulting services offerings comprise multiple complementary disciplines, including Program Management, Business Consulting, Clinical Consulting, and Technical Consulting. We also offer comprehensive software support services and managed services for your technology needs.  


CONTACT: Natalie Schibell