Xpeedic Releases EDA 2024 Platforms to Accelerate Designs, Simulations of Next-Generation High-Frequency, High-Speed Electronic Products

  • Upgrades solver engines, new features across all fields in advanced packaging, high-speed system, RF system and multi-physics simulation
  • Will demonstrate entire EDA 2024 platform at 61st DAC in Booth #1431

SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Xpeedic today released the EDA 2024 edition of its platforms with significant upgrades in solver engines and features across all advanced packaging, high-speed system, RF system and multi-physics simulation fields during the 61st Design Automation Conference (DAC).

Continuous demonstrations of the EDA 2024 edition will be available at Xpeedic’s DAC Booth #1431 (first floor) today through Wednesday, June 26, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Attendees can stop by the booth to schedule demos or meetings or by sending email to sales@xpeedic.com.

The EDA 2024 edition includes platforms for 2.5D and 3D IC signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) simulation for advanced packaging, 3D Electromagnetic (EM) simulation, multi-physics co-simulation, high-speed system verification and RF system design.

Metis: SI/PI simulation platform for advanced 2.5 and 3D ICs
Metis is a SI/PI simulation that can easily achieve parameterized pre-simulation functionality based on Interposer and transmission line templates. It also supports SI/PI and circuit co-analysis workflows for 2.5D and 3D IC packaging.

Metis 2024 introduces a new high-speed circuit simulation flow with an embedded XSPICE circuit engine, making it convenient for users to evaluate the time-domain metrics. It also features a new PI DC flow for rapid assessment of voltage drop and current density hotspots and distribution maps across entire chiplet and 3D IC designs. Additionally, it optimizes the full-wave simulation flow for DDR5 packaging, achieving a 10x acceleration while maintaining comparable accuracy to those from competitors.

Hermes 3D full-wave EM simulation platform
Hermes offers comprehensive EM simulation capabilities for various 3D structures such as chips, packages, boards, cables, connectors and antennas.

Hermes 2024 improves 3D structure editing and supports creating and invoking encrypted 3D component models and adds deep trench capacitor (DTC) templates for quick parameterized modeling.

The Hermes platform includes four simulation processes to meet various application requirements known as Hermes Layered, Hermes 3D, Hermes X3D and Hermes XFIT. Hermes Layered and Hermes 3D adopt 3D full-wave Finite Element Method (FEM) for accurate EM simulation from DC to THz for 2.5D and arbitrarily 3D structures, respectively.

Hermes X3D is based on quasi-static Method of Moment (MoM) solver for fast extraction of RLGC parasitic parameters. Hermes XFIT employs the Finite Integration Technique (FIT) solver for antenna and EMC simulations.

Additionally, Hermes deploys adaptive meshing and XHPC distributed simulation technologies to achieve the best performance on top of the powerful 3D FEM solver.

Notus: multi-physics co-simulation platform
Notus includes SI/PI co-analysis, topology extraction, and electrical-thermal-stress analysis for high-speed and high-frequency package and board designs. Designers use Notus to quickly run what-if analysis to see if the design meets the spec, thereby accelerating the user’s design iteration.

Notus 2024 introduces an electrical-thermal co-simulation flow based on a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver, enhancing a system-level thermal analysis capability through precise modeling of fans and chassis structures. It also upgrades PI DC and topology extraction processes for multi-board simulation, enabling rapid power analysis and topology extraction for complex multi-board systems and enhances the usability of power tree control functions.

ChannelExpert: high-speed system verification platform
ChannelExpert is used for time-domain and frequency-domain full-link signal integrity analysis. It offers a fast and accurate approach to evaluate, analyze, and resolve high-speed channel signal integrity issues with an embedded efficient and accurate XSPICE high-speed circuit engine supporting DC, AC, transient and eye diagram analysis.

ChannelExpert 2024 enables direct interaction with the Hermes and Notus platforms, supporting co-simulation of fields and routes. It enhances schematic usability, supports manual and automatic wiring, adds bit-by-bit analysis for multi-level modulation pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) 3/4/8, and offers a redesigned processing module with more than 90 waveform measurement functions. The COM analysis is upgraded to version 4.1.

ChannelExpert supports IBIS/AMI model simulation and AMI model creation. Its schematic-like circuit editing interface helps engineers quickly build high-speed channels, run channel simulations, and check channel performance against specifications with the ability to output simulation reports based on JEDEC standards for DDR4, DDR5X, LPDDR4 and LPDDR5X.

XDS: RF system design platform
XDS is an RF system design platform for chips, packages, modules and PCBs, supporting process design kit (PDK)-driven co-simulation workflows. It integrates a MoM-based EM solver engine, supporting cross-scale simulations from chips to packages, and embeds XSPICE RF circuit engine for DC OP, AC, and tuning optimization.

XDS 2024 adds FEM solver support on top of the MoM solver to offer designers more options for RF module and microwave applications. It includes various transistor models and supports more RF behavioral level and expression models. Also, it facilitates self-matching network synthesis to support system-level RF system design and simulation.                  

Availability and Pricing
The EDA2024 edition of its 2.5D and 3D IC SI and PI simulation for advanced packaging, 3D EM simulation, multi-physics co-simulation, high-speed system verification and RF EDA systems platforms is shipping now.

Pricing is available on request.

About Xpeedic
Xpeedic is a leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) tools to accelerate designs and simulations of next generation high-frequency, high-speed intelligent electronic products. Powered by its proprietary electromagnetic, circuit, and multi-physics solver technologies, Xpeedic is addressing challenges in designing IC in advanced nodes, 3D-IC with advanced packaging, high-speed digital, and RF systems for the markets including data center, automotive, communication, mobile and IoT. Visit www.xpeedic.com for details.

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