Mergingold: A Majestic Optical Glass Sculpture of Artist Michael Bokrosh

Michael Bokrosh founder of Bokrosh Studio continues to entice audiences with the unique allure of glass sculptures with “Mergingold,” the initial piece of his Monumental Glass Series.

Seattle, Washington, June 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Michael Bokrosh, the founder of Bokrosh Studio, stands as one of the innovative artists in the contemporary glass art landscape. His venture into the art world started at an early age, exposed to the remarkable work of his father, a revered craftsman.

Our fast-paced digital age has paved the way for a growing desire for something tangible—handmade creations that spark wonder and inspiration. Glass sculptures, for instance, are becoming more recognized for adding color and design to living spaces as well as serving as mediums to rekindle individuals’ creative spirits and reconnect them to their innate senses.

Many regard custom glass art sculpture as poetry in form. This description is fitting, given that it allows for the interplay between light and form to tell stories that resonate deeply with viewers. Each piece of glass art attests to each artist’s skill and vision. Glass artisans have dedicated countless years to mastering the skill of shaping both hot and cold glass, transforming the delicate material into breathtaking works of art, may they be intricate figurines or grand installations.

Glass sculpting requires a profound understanding of the material and its behavior. Therefore, those who dedicate themselves to this craft naturally make each sculpture a labor of love that embodies authenticity and Soul. Thus, custom glass art is a refreshing celebration of individuality in a world that tends to lean on mass-produced goods.

Bokrosh boasts a diverse portfolio—a product of nearly five decades of experience. Each of his glass creations demonstrates his meticulous craftsmanship and limitless creativity. Each of his optical glass sculptures infuses spaces with warmth, extraordinary elegance, and a touch of magic. “My artistic practice is based on earth-based shamanic teachings, which I’ve followed for over 40 years. I work with the vibration of light and color, and my sculptures are reflections of my Soul’s Essence,” he shares.

It is extremely evident to those who view Bokrosh’s sculptures that they not only inspire but initiate conversation. Each piece invites viewers to experience the world through the lens of one who possesses a deep love for the craft. “Mergingold,” one of his most striking works, attests to this.

“Mergingold” commands attention with its sheer size and exquisite craftsmanship, with dimensions of 33 cm in width and 28 cm in depth. It towers at 183 cm and weighs 544 kg. The rotating sculpture rests on top of a sturdy basalt stone base. It has six inset roller bearings to ensure that it can be admired and cherished to its fullest extent wherever it graces.

This monumental piece of transparent gold optical glass, which looks like a colossal diamond with its gleaming radiant brilliance, was meticulously cut and polished through the years. It is infused with a cerium oxide that radiates a deep transparent gold hue that is bound to mesmerize the viewer. What makes the sculpture even more magical is its personality and ability to transform when under either natural or artificial light. “Mergingold” comes alive when basked in direct sunlight, casting vibrant colored hues and completely changing the atmosphere of the space it inhabits as it slowly rotates one revolution per hour!

When asked about the sculpting process of this extraordinary masterpiece, Bokrosh recounts, “It definitely wasn’t easy. It took several years of dedication and experimentation. But it was all worth it as it became the initial work in my Monumental Glass Series.”

Glass sculpting is an art form that entices one’s senses and evokes imagination. Optical glass plays with light, turning its golden transparency into a dazzling display of optical colors and design. This is why Bokrosh’s “Mergingold” is a living canvas, alive with the reflections and refractions of light.

Bokrosh utilizes the fluidity of glass sculpting to create pieces that defy expectations and trigger wonder. He is well-versed in balancing his artistic vision with technical precision, allowing him to craft timeless masterpieces. “Mergingold” perfectly encapsulates this as it tells a unique story that reflects the artist’s skill and passion.

Michael Bokrosh welcomes enthusiasts, whether those who are only starting their collection or seeking a cherished piece, to experience the wonders of his glass sculpting firsthand with “Mergingold.” This sculpture, along with the extraordinary pieces “Rainbow Portal” and “Rainbow Arrow,” is available for sale, promising to captivate spectators.

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