John Cornish Launches Innovative Website to Assist First Time Home Buyers in Quad Cities

Bettendorf, Iowa, June 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

John Cornish, a seasoned mortgage specialist based in Davenport, Iowa, has launched a new website, This new site aims to help first-time home buyers, veterans, and current homeowners looking to refinance. Launched on September 1, 2021, this website is part of an effort to expand online resources for clients in the Quad Cities area and beyond.

The website offers several features to simplify the mortgage process. It includes guides on Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) home loans, frequently asked questions, and blog posts about different mortgage options. Visitors can also find information about pre-approval and advice on making strong offers in competitive markets.

John Cornish

John Cornish has over twenty years of experience in the mortgage industry. He has helped more than 2,300 families with home purchases or refinancing for better financial stability. His services focus on quick and convenient mortgage solutions while treating every client with respect and care, whether they’re new buyers or seasoned investors.

“We are excited about the launch of our new website, which will make it easier for clients to access the information they need,” said John Cornish. “Our goal has always been to provide a seamless process from application to closing, and this website is another step toward achieving that.”

Another important aspect of the website is its focus on community welfare, highlighted through the Key Cares Foundation. Co-founded by Cornish and his wife Meghan, the foundation has raised over $160,000 for local non-profit organizations in the past four years. This shows Cornish’s broader commitment to the community, extending beyond just mortgages.

The new site also aims to showcase Cornish’s expertise as a mortgage loan specialist, especially for first-time home buyers and veterans in Iowa. It serves as an educational hub, offering free consultations and helping clients with the pre-approval process so they understand every step.

John Cornish’s team, including Ryan Roman, Tayler Fick, and Lindsay Frederick, bring their unique skills to making the mortgage process smooth for all clients. The team aims to provide clear and effective communication throughout the mortgage process.

“Launching this website is a big moment for our team,” said Cornish. “It allows us to better serve our clients by giving them easy access to important information and resources. We believe this will greatly improve their experience and help them make informed decisions about their mortgage needs.”

For more details about John Cornish’s offerings, visit the new website at Potential clients can also stay updated on the latest news and developments by following his Facebook page at or subscribing to his YouTube channel at

John Cornish emphasizes a customer-first approach, reflecting his dedication to treating all borrowers with respect and providing options for different needs. His services aim to be quick, convenient, and tailored to individual circumstances, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

One notable aspect of Cornish’s services is his support for veterans. As a VA mortgage lender, he helps veterans, servicemembers, and eligible spouses secure home loans with favorable terms. The new website provides detailed information on VA home loans, making it easier for veterans to understand their options.

In addition to focusing on first-time home buyers and veterans, the new website also helps current homeowners looking to refinance for better rates or more financial flexibility. It includes resources to help homeowners understand when refinancing might be beneficial and what the process involves.

The launch of aims to improve traffic, attract new clients, and increase the online visibility of John Cornish’s services. By offering valuable information and easy access to mortgage solutions, the website seeks to position Cornish as a leading mortgage lender in the Quad Cities and a trusted advisor for those navigating home financing.

For more information about the fundraising efforts by John Cornish and his community initiatives, visit the press advantage site at

With this new digital platform, John Cornish is better equipped to meet the diverse needs of borrowers and maintain his reputation as a knowledgeable mortgage lender in the Quad Cities area. For more detailed information, individuals can visit this news article about John Cornish’s commitment and achievements at and


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