Shenzhen’s Nanshan Gathers Efforts for New Progress in China-Germany Cooperation

SHENZHEN, China, June 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — An economic and trade delegation from Nanshan District Government of Shenzhen has traveled to Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, and other cities in Germany for economic, trade, and cultural exchange activities. The delegation intensively visited nearly 20 leading multinational corporations and organizations to deepen the economic and trade exchanges with old and new partners and enhance the quality and level of trade and investment cooperation.

This epitomizes China seizing opportunities from the pursuit of higher-standard opening up to facilitate China-Germany economic and trade cooperation.

Nanshan, known as an economic and technological powerhouse in China, has close exchanges and cooperation with Germany in economy, science and technology, and culture, with a focus on advanced medical devices, new energy, and other emerging fields. More than 50 German companies, including Siemens, Tektronix, Ledvance Operations and Management, have invested in Nanshan, and fifty-three competitive companies from Nanshan, including Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics, Skyworth, Hytera, have extended their investment to Germany. Industrial cooperation between Chinese and German businesses is becoming a new hallmark of Nanshan’s foreign exchanges, which reflects the new trend in China where new quality productive forces boost high-quality development and facilitate industrial cooperation between China and other countries.

Ingmar Bruder, the founder, chairman, and CEO of trinamiX, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF, said that the company is intensifying its research and development (R&D) of visual perception and biometrics technology and is looking forward to introducing the technology to China with the help of Nanshan’s industrial advantages in artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs).

During the visit of the delegation, relevant research institutes and businesses from Nanshan District signed cooperation memorandums with Innovation Lab Heidelberg and Siemens Healthineers, respectively, on intensifying cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, technology application, and personnel training.

The relevant director of Innovation Lab Heidelberg said that they will leverage Nanshan’s advantages in the innovation chain, capital chain, talent chain, and industrial chain, and allocate research resources in life sciences, production processes, clean energy, and other areas to the district in the future.

Eintracht Frankfurt, one of the world’s most valuable clubs, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanshan in 2021. Their cooperation has achieved fruitful results in the construction of training centers, youth training systems, and popularization of soccer, and has catalyzed cooperation between Nanshan and Germany and other European countries in economy, culture, sports, trade, and science and technology.

During the visit, the Nanshan delegation hosted a cooperation session between Nanshan and Frankfurt at Eintracht Frankfurt. At the event, businesses and organizations from Nanshan, such as the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, VMAX, Tinno Mobile Technology, and iDreamSky, introduced their cutting-edge technologies and products, which aroused keen interest from many German companies including Deutsche Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jarltech, and VR Payment. The participating companies were impressed by Nanshan’s technological innovation, business environment, and openness.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the all-round strategic partnership between China and Germany. Cooperation, exchanges, innovation, and development have brought China and Germany together for more new progress. A German-funded company said that Nanshan, a district driven by strengthening global cooperation in emerging industries, coupled with a fast-growing consumer market, a sound supply chain system, an innovative R&D environment, and productive personnel training, will bring a round of new opportunities for foreign investment in China.

Source: Nanshan District Government of Shenzhen

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