Successful Site Visit by Mountain Assets Team to Lake Narracan Project

MOE, Australia, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mountain Assets is pleased to announce the successful completion of our recent site visit to the Lake Narracan project in Moe, Victoria. This visit, which took place on 5th of June 2024, provided an invaluable opportunity for our team to engage with current and potential investors, explore the development site, and gain deeper insights into the project’s progress.

Event Highlights

Warm Welcome and BBQ Event
The team at Star Investment Group Australia graciously hosted a BBQ for all attendees, fostering an informal and friendly atmosphere. This event allowed for meaningful interactions between investors, project managers, and the Mountain Assets team.

Investor Engagement
We were thrilled to meet with investors who have already purchased land packages within the Lake Narracan development. These conversations provided insights into investor expectations and affirmed the strong interest in this premier waterfront community.

Engineering Insights
A notable highlight of the visit was the participation of an engineer from Beveridge Williams, a leading land development and surveying consultancy. The engineer addressed various technical questions related to the development, offering detailed explanations and reinforcing the project’s robust planning and execution.

Geotechnical Discovery Report
During the visit, we were also presented with the Geotechnical Discovery Report prepared by GeoTesta. This comprehensive report provided crucial data on soil stability, ground composition, and other geological factors essential for the project’s successful implementation. The findings from GeoTesta underscored the viability and solid foundation of the Lake Narracan development.

On-Site Exploration
Walking the property gave our team a comprehensive understanding of the project’s various stages. The firsthand experience of the site layout and infrastructure progress was invaluable, enhancing our ability to communicate the project’s benefits and timeline to prospective investors.

Overall Experience
The team at Mountain Assets, remarked, “The visit to Lake Narracan was incredibly productive. We appreciated the hospitality of the Star Investment Group team and the opportunity to connect directly with our investors. The insights gained from this trip, including the valuable geotechnical report from GeoTesta, will undoubtedly help us in advancing the project and ensuring its success.”

About Lake Narracan Project
Lake Narracan Resort, developed by Star Investment Group Australia, is a premier waterfront development located in Victoria’s Gippsland region. The project encompasses 110 acres with plans for 350 dwellings, including apartments and a multipurpose community facility. This development promises a tranquil yet vibrant living experience with easy access to nature and modern amenities.

About Mountain Assets
Mountain Assets connects private wholesale investors with property developers, focusing on projects that deliver substantial returns while fostering community growth. Their expertise in funding SDA and other significant projects ensures that every investment contributes positively to society.

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