Uber joins the Digital Vending Machine® from Bango to drive membership growth through Super Bundling

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bango (AIM: BGO) announces a strategic partnership with Uber, to expand the reach of its membership program, Uber One, by enabling bundling and Super Bundling partnerships around the world.

Launching in the United States, Uber One will be available to bundle with mobile phone and broadband plans, and as an add-on through the Digital Vending Machine® (DVM™) from Bango. This strategic move helps Uber to expand its subscriber base by opening-up indirect channels worldwide, to grow its 19 million strong membership base.

Uber One offers users exclusive benefits such as discounted rides and deliveries, with monthly memberships available for $9.99 and annual memberships for $96. Uber One also includes partnerships with third-party offers, such as discounted memberships to eligible users. Members enjoy perks including a $0 Delivery Fee plus up to 10% off eligible deliveries and orders, as well as 6% Uber Cash on eligible rides.

By joining the Bango DVM™ Uber can establish direct relationships with telcos and other reseller partners with ease, enabling Uber One to be included in Super Bundling content hubs and other bundled offers. The DVM™ handles all the intricacies involved in resellers creating and managing subscription bundles and targeting offers that include Uber One such as free trials, multi-bundle deals and discounts.

As subscription costs rise, subscribers seek better deals through new cost-effective methods. Recent research by Bango shows that indirect subscriptions have become a major market in 2024, with combined subscriptions, bundles, and third-party sales driving growth. In the US, one in five subscribers (20%) exclusively sign up through indirect channels.

“Expanding the reach of our Uber One subscription service through indirect channels is an important way for us to increase uptake. We’re thrilled to partner with Bango to leverage the Digital Vending Machine® to open up telco channels swiftly and efficiently. We look forward to using this partnership to reach new audiences and grow our membership base,” Danielle Sheridan, Head of Global Membership at Uber.

Commenting on the news, Anil Malhotra, CMO at Bango said, “Uber extending the reach of its subscription service through telcos is a major validation of the demand for more choice and flexibility in how people access their favorite subscription services. Uber One is already a great example of a multipurpose subscription, providing rides and deliveries, all in one place. It’s exactly that type of all-in-one convenience that today’s subscribers are looking for, and that will be further served through Uber One’s inclusion in the Digital Vending Machine® and future bundles.

“As more users opt for subscription services via indirect channels, the Digital Vending Machine® offers a seamless and expedited solution for market-leading products and services such as Uber One.”

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Uber’s mission is to create opportunity through movement. We started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how do you get access to a ride at the touch of a button? More than 49 billion trips later, we’re building products to get people closer to where they want to be. By changing how people, food, and things move through cities, Uber is a platform that opens up the world to new possibilities.

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