A Feast Without Footprint – Shiok Kitchen Catering Redefines Delicious Dining with Carbon Neutral Catering

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 19 April 2024 – In line with United Nation’s goal of net zero by 2050, Shiok Kitchen Catering has pledged to reduce their near-term greenhouse gas emission and will be working towards a carbon neutral operation process.

Shiok Kitchen Catering Sustainable Singaporean Delights
Shiok Kitchen Catering Sustainable Singaporean Delights

Shiok Kitchen Catering, a catering brand under Creative Eateries, is a one stop solution for a wide variety of menu offerings from local to international cuisines. As a halal-certified caterer, they bring individuals and companies a delightful gastronomical adventure through their buffets during off-site corporate and social events in and around Singapore. Its dedication to food quality can be seen through its selection of great tasting food and diverse menu choices guaranteed to take all kinds of events, including corporate events, to the next level.

Steps towards a sustainable development

To aid its journey towards carbon neutral, Shiok Kitchen Catering will be educating its team on gaining a greater understanding on carbon emissions and how the group can work towards sustainable development as a company through the Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) regime. Sending members to courses with the Workforce Singapore (WSG) will enable Shiok Kitchen Catering work towards being carbon neutral as an organisation.

In recognition of Creative Eateries Group’s commitment to achieving a carbon neutral organisation, Shiok Kitchen Catering is working towards being awarded with government endorsed markers such as the Low Carbon SG mark and Singapore MICE Sustainability Certification (MSC).

Obtaining the Low Carbon SG mark entails that Shiok Kitchen Catering has effectively monitor and manages its utilities usage (including water and gas), waste disposal, transportation fuel usage, and refrigerant top up usage.

Shiok Kitchen Catering has also set its eyes on being awarded Silver tier of the MSC. The corporation is sending employees to the industry recognised Certified Event Sustainability course to attain accreditation for MICE and events professionals, thus placing Shiok Kitchen Catering a step towards obtaining the Silver tier of MSC.

A carbon neutral package for clients

On top of the measures to educate the group’s employees on sustainable development, Shiok Kitchen Catering is launching a carbon neutral catering buffet package called “Sustainable Singaporean Delights” at $30+/pax. The menu integrates the caterer’s newest Modern Singapore inspired menu together with efforts to minimise carbon emissions.

The menu features locally sourced ingredients, usage of sustainable palm oil, special partnerships, and usage of biodegradable ware.

Sustainable ingredients

Known as farm-to-table catering, Shiok Kitchen Catering will be obtaining fresh ingredients from local farms. As these ingredients travel a shorter distance, this not only ensures the freshness, but also achieves carbon neutral as it reduces carbon emissions. This is a juxtapose against ingredients sources from overseas farms, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions due to carbon emissions from airplanes.

The proteins chosen for the Modern Singapore menu also carefully considers the impact of rearing beef and pork – which produces a large amount of methane gas. As such, the “Sustainable Singaporean Delights” menu only features seafood, chicken, at “meat zero” meat as the protein.

Sustainable palm oil is also largely used in the cooking process of the featured menu as it positively impacts the surrounding communities and environment due to its much higher yields than other vegetable oils.

Biodegradable tableware

Plastic usage and production is one of the major contributors to global temperature rise. Due to the amount of disposable plates and utensils that are required for large events and buffet lines, Shiok Kitchen Catering is empowered to work towards net zero by replacing plastic with biodegradable plates and utensils.

The caterer uses BioPak wares which is made from renewable sugarcane pulp and carries environmental (ISO14001), food safe (BRC and HACCP), quality (ISO9001) certificates and Quality Social Accreditation (BSCI and SA 8000).

Partners in the Carbon Neutral Catering Experience

A unique aspect of the new “Sustainable Singaporean Delights” menu is a complete experience of the carbon neutral process. Shiok Kitchen Catering is working with unique partners who provide menu cards with seeds imbedded in the paper – which clients can plant in the ground. Companies who repurpose used flowers are also engaged for the centerpiece of the buffet line.

To support Shiok Kitchen Catering’s carbon neutral efforts, orders for the Sustainable Singapore Delights catering buffet package for Halal-friendly corporate events or other event caterings can be placed here: https://shiokkitchencatering.com.sg/

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