Octa sponsors three charity projects in celebration of Ramadan

Charity activities are an essential part of Ramadan celebrations. Octa seized this opportunity to implement a series of socially beneficial initiatives worldwide. Read about the projects the broker carried out in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria.

No better time to contribute to the social good than Ramadan

KUALA LUMPUR – Media OutReach Newswire – 14 June 2024 – Octa, a financial broker operating in many regions under globally recognised licences, supported several charity initiatives in various countries to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in 2024. Annually observed by more than two billion worldwide, Ramadan is a sacred time for all Muslims, offering an outstanding opportunity to do righteous deeds and achieve social benefit.


True to its long-time ambition to support charity efforts in various geographies, Octa participated in the Ramadan 2024 celebrations by sponsoring educational charity projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria.

Indonesia: sponsoring school renovation
In Indonesia, Octa’s charity project covered the renovation of SD NEGERI DEPOK, a school in Depok City, West Java. The school renovation included strengthening associated structures, which was instrumental in ensuring the safety and comfort of students.

The project aimed to improve and expand the local educational infrastructure to address the increasing number of students in the region. Another key objective was to provide moral encouragement to students and motivate them to be proactive in pursuing knowledge and studying science.

By providing better infrastructure to Indonesian school children through its charity initiatives, Octa contributes to the betterment of education and society in the region.

Malaysia: organising a coding bootcamp
In Malaysia, Octa finances a coding bootcamp for students of Ideas Academy, an inclusive secondary school in Kuala Lumpur that focuses on providing young people from diverse backgrounds with a well-rounded academic and extra-curricular education. Three blocks of educational sessions will take place between June and November 2024 on campus and online for students aged 16 and above. The bootcamp will give foundational coding skills to underprivileged young men and women with little to no coding background. With this initiative, Octa aims to provide Malaysian youths with access to computer and coding literacy as a cornerstone of their future successful careers.

‘The Octa and Ideas Academy collaboration supports disadvantaged young people in acquiring crucial knowledge and skills that can give them a much-needed kick-start in their careers’, said Ms. Jain, Head of Studies of Ideas Academy.

Nigeria: implementing a three-fold educational project
Octa partnered with a humanitarian organisation called Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation to charge an ambitious, three-fold charity initiative: providing 300 children with much-needed educational supplies, sponsoring tech skills training for 25 youths, and setting up a ‘Reading corner’ with an initial pledge of 150 books.

Octa’s help will enable KIR to purchase writing materials, dictionaries, and school bags for the children in poverty-stricken public schools. The project aims to advance and uphold quality education.

Another part of the Octa’s initiative involves providing in-demand professional skills to unemployed or underemployed youths. The training programme focuses on cybersecurity, digital marketing, data science, and graphic design. It aims to empower students to get jobs in these fields.

Last but not least, Octa helped set up yet another ‘Reading Corner’ with more than 150 books as an initial pledge. ‘Reading Corners’ are miniature libraries deployed at public primary schools to help children develop a lifelong love for reading. Over the years, 24 of such have already been set up by the KIR Foundation and Octa, reaching over 9,200 children, with 3,763 books donated.

Bitebo Gogo, the volunteer executive director and chief servant of the Keeping It Real Foundation, expressed his thoughts on the interdisciplinary Ramadan charity project: ‘We are extremely grateful for Octa’s support of our beneficiaries and our mission of giving our recipients a brighter future through education, advocacy, capacity, and sustainable development.’

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Octa is an international broker that has been providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charity and humanitarian initiatives, including the improvement of educational infrastructure and short-notice relief projects supporting local communities.