SCG Introduces 3 Innovations Making Low-Carbon Society “Possible”

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Media OutReach Newswire – 20 June 2024 – As the world is shifting from the global warming phenomenon to “global boiling” which aggravates the severity of the environmental problem, the effort to create “low-carbon society” has become an urgent priority.

SCG Low Carbon Cement and Concrete, the innovation which reduces CO2 emissions during the production process while maintaining exceptional strength and durability

However, it is a challenging task to encourage business organizations, consumers and all sectors in the society to go beyond their same old behavior to a new eco-friendly way. SCG, a leading conglomerate in ASEAN, is determined to explore and develop exceptional innovations to make all positive changes for environment “possible” for a better world and better living quality for everyone.

Start changing by using “recycled plastics”

In response to the growing issue of plastic waste, with Thailand generating approximately 2 million tons annually, SCG Chemicals (SCGC) has developed innovative solutions to tackle this environmental challenge. The company introduces “SCGC GREEN POLYMER™,” an eco-friendly polymer solutions that encompasses four key aspects: Reduce, Recyclable, Recycle, and Renewable.

The Reduce initiative employs high-quality plastic pellets that are stronger and lighter, minimizing plastic usage. In the Recyclable domain, SCGC produces recyclable packaging solutions, both food-grade and general-grade. The Recycle aspect leverages Mechanical & Advanced Recycling technologies to create durable packaging from recycled materials. Lastly, the Renewable initiative focuses on bio-based plastics from sustainable plants, in collaboration with Braskem, under the “I’m green™” brand.

SCGC aims to produce 1 million tons of green polymer by 2030, reducing Thailand’s plastic waste by up to 50% annually. The company is committed to partnering with various business organizations to promote sustainable plastic usage, driving towards a greener future for all.

“Clean energy” innovation for less cost and less carbon

The surge in energy prices has heightened the interest in clean energy across all sectors, driven by the hope of reducing energy costs. One of the attractive clean energy sources is solar power. SCG Cleanergy has developed the “Smart Grid” system for facilities with high electricity consumption, such as industrial estates, factories, shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals.

Monitored by the experts, this system helps manage the entire electricity usage in the area, including forecasting the amount of electricity to be produced and the amount used at different times. This allows facility owners to ensure cost-effective selection of energy sources in different periods. The system comes in tandem with the Power & Carbon Trading Platform. It is proved that the use of 6-megawatt solar system in industrial zones brings down the annual energy cost by 6% and reduces CO2 by 4,000 tons per year.

SCG has also collaborated with Rondo Energy, a clean energy startup from the United States, to develop the innovative “Heat Battery.” This technology stores clean energy from wind and solar in the form of heat within a battery that can hold up to 1,500 degrees Celsius. The stored heat is then converted into hot air and steam for industrial use without combustion processes, unlike fossil fuels, thereby zero carbon emission. SCG aims at deploying this technology in Thailand and other ASEAN countries.

The construction revolution with “low-carbon cement and concrete”

As Thailand’s first cement manufacturer with a proven record of over 111 years, SCG is committed to exploring innovation to lead the change for construction industry. This is the pivotal mission of SCG Cement and Green Solutions which determines to establish green value chain from pre to post construction.

With more than 20 years dedicated to research and development, SCG has introduced the “Low Carbon Cement” for the first time in Thailand. This cement reduces CO2 emissions during the production process while maintaining exceptional strength and durability. Due to the finer materials used, it fills and reduces gaps in concrete more effectively, resulting in a smoother texture with better adhesion and compressive strength than conventional cement. Recently, SCG launched the “Low Carbon Cement (Generation 2),” which further reduces CO2 emissions by 15-20% in production. The company is also developing “Low Carbon Cement (Generation 3),” which is expected to cut CO2 emissions by up to 40%.

In addition, SCG features “CPAC Low Carbon Concrete” which reduces the CO2 emission in equivalent to the plantation of 2.5 trees per use of 1 ton of concrete.

An internal startup such as “KITCARBON,” a platform for calculating embodied carbon in construction projects, also assists real estate developers in designing efficient construction processes and selecting materials that minimize environmental impact.

The low-carbon innovations developed by SCG represent an “opportunity” to mitigate environmental impacts. However, it is the collaboration and action of all sectors that are crucial in turning this opportunity into reality, for the sake of the planet and everyone.

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About SCG

SCG, a leading conglomerate in ASEAN and entering its 111th year of stable growth, recognizes the importance of responsible business practices. It is elevating its operations by integrating sustainable development strategies in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the “ESG 4 Plus” approach, emphasizing Net Zero – Go Green – Reduce Inequality – Enhance Collaboration Plus Trust through Transparency.