BingX Celebrates 2024 Football Event with One Million USDT Prize Pool

VILNIUS, Lithuania, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BingX, a global leading cryptocurrency exchange, is thrilled to announce an exciting new campaign to celebrate the major football event in 2024. With a prize pool of one million USDT, BingX continues to push boundaries of innovation by connecting the dynamic worlds of blockchain and sports. This celebration is set to bring together crypto enthusiasts and football fans alike, highlighting BingX’s commitment to creating engaging and community-focused events.

BingX Celebrates 2024 Football Event with One Million USDT Prize Pool
BingX Celebrates 2024 Football Event with One Million USDT Prize Pool

As a part of BingX’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and celebrating global events, this campaign presents an exciting opportunity for users to participate in a variety of interactive activities and win substantial rewards. Users can engage in prediction games by voting for their favorite teams, with the chance to win a share of opponent’s votes if their chosen teams win. During the final stages, the PK mechanism will automatically pair teams for a trading volume competition, where winning team members share the cash prize pool. Additionally, participants can accumulate votes and exchange them for high-value prizes, such as a trip to Germany for two, BTC, ETH, and other attractive rewards. Completing tasks like trading, depositing, or inviting friends will earn users extra opportunities, potentially leading to rewards of up to 1 BTC.

BingX’s celebration is more than just a promotional campaign; it reflects the platform’s strategic vision of integrating sports and blockchain technology to create unparalleled user experiences. The success of BingX’s partnership with Chelsea Football Club serves as a testament to this vision. Through this collaboration, BingX has demonstrated its ability to connect with global audiences, promote sportsmanship, and enhance brand visibility within the sports community.

“We are excited to bring the thrill of celebration to our users with this incredible prize pool and a series of engaging activities,” said Vivien Lin, Chief Product Officer of BingX. “Our goal is to create unique and rewarding experiences that connect the worlds of sports and blockchain. We believe in the power of sports to unite people, and through our efforts, we aim to bring that same sense of unity and excitement to the BingX community.”

As BingX continues to expand its reach and influence, the platform keeps exploring what is possible through innovative partnerships and engaging events. The football event celebration is a perfect example of how BingX leverages the excitement of international sports events to bring its community together, foster engagement, and create value for its users.

About BingX 

Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading crypto exchange, serving over 10 million users worldwide. BingX offers diversified products and services, including spot, derivatives, copy trading, and asset management – all designed for the evolving needs of users, from beginners to professionals. BingX is committed to providing a trustworthy platform that empowers users with innovative tools and features to elevate their trading proficiency. In 2024, BingX proudly became the official crypto exchange partner of Chelsea Football Club, marking an exciting debut in the world of sports.

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