USPACE Technology Group’s First Test Satellite Manufactured for Brazil’s Alya Space Successfully Leaves the Production Line

Marking a New Phase in Satellite Manufacturing and Departure from Production Line

Manufacturing Capabilities Gain International Recognition

HONG KONG, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — USPACE Technology Group Limited (“USPACE ” or “the Group”; Stock Code: 1725.HK) is pleased to announce that the Group’s first test satellite of Alya-1 Satellite Constellation for Brazil’s Alya Satélite e Produção de Fotografias Aéreas Limitada (“Alya Space“) successfully finished factory test and left the production line, which also represents inaugural satellite’s departure from production line of USPACE. This marks a significant milestone for USPACE as it evolves from pioneering research and development to full-scale production and departure from production line, laying a solid foundation for further expansion of its international aerospace business.

In October 2023, USPACE signed a US$675 million worth contract with Alya Space, with scope of services including manufacturing of 108 earth observation satellites for the Alya-1 Satellite Constellation. The test satellite’s departure from the production line represents the first test satellite of the Alya-1 Satellite Constellation to be verified and is specifically engineered for partial technical validation of its functionalities. Upon successful verification, the Group will proceed with the manufacturing of the remaining 108 satellites, underscoring the global acknowledgment of USPACE’s satellite manufacturing prowess and adherence to quality standards.

Alya Space has successfully registered the orbital frequency for its satellite constellation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and the test satellite is scheduled for launch in the fourth quarter of 2024. Furthermore, the Group has supplied Alya Space with monitoring image data of the Amazon rainforest and will continue to provide long-term monitoring data for the Amazon region under the terms of the contract, thereby contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

USPACE’s globalization strategy continues to make significant strides, including active advancement in the construction of the Abu Dhabi Space Eco City in the United Arab Emirates. Based in Dubai and Hong Kong, China, the Group has signed a master procurement agreement with the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO). The Group also plans for a dual listing in the Middle East. Additionally, the Group has added Nathan Whigham, a prominent investor and financial expert known for his involvement with SpaceX, and Shaikh Mohammed Maktoum Juma Al-Maktoum, a member of the Dubai royal family, to its board of directors.

Ms. Aila, Chairwoman of Alya Space said, “We are highly satisfied with the test satellite manufactured by USPACE and the data monitoring services it provides. The test satellite’s successful departure from production line marks a significant step forward in our satellite constellation project’s development.”

Mr. Sun Fengquan, Chairman and CEO of USPACE expressed, “We are pleased to collaborate with Alya Space to depart our first satellite from production line. We look forward to expanding our cooperation further and achieving mutual benefits.”

In 2023, USPACE successfully completed the construction of Hong Kong’s first satellite AIT centre of approximately 20,000 square metres. With a parallel development capability of satellite for communication, navigation, remote sensing and SAR, the AIT centre can produce up to 200 satellites per year ranging from 10 to 1,000 kilograms.

On 12 June, Mr. Sun Fengquan, Chairman and CEO of USPACE, together with Ms. Aila, Chairwoman of Alya Space, jointly presided over the departure-from-production-line ceremony for the first test satellite of Alya-1 Satellite Constellation.
On 12 June, Mr. Sun Fengquan, Chairman and CEO of USPACE, together with Ms. Aila, Chairwoman of Alya Space, jointly presided over the departure-from-production-line ceremony for the first test satellite of Alya-1 Satellite Constellation.

About USPACE Technology Group Limited (USPACE)
USPACE Technology Group Limited (USPACE) is Hong Kong’s first commercial aerospace enterprise focusing on satellite constellation engineering and precise satellite manufacturing. USPACE owns five technology centers and manufacturing bases, including a satellite manufacturing center, a space environmental monitoring center, a satellite telemetry, tracking and control center (TT&C), a center for satellite data application and a precise electronic manufacturing center. USPACE’s core business consists of several operations, including satellite constellation engineering, satellite data application, satellite design and manufacturing, satellite assembly and testing, satellite payload selection and specification, satellite TT&C service, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and electronic manufacturing, and the launch of satellites.

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