HANGZHOU, China, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HyperLive Entertainment, a pioneering creative media company with a licensed over-the-top (OTT) platform HyperLive TV in Singapore, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Hangzhou Uncle Dayou Cultural and Media Co. Ltd and Agogo Animation Pte Ltd. This collaboration, supported by the world-leading live streaming technology company BeLive Technology, is set to transform how consumers engage with and enjoy animated films and related products.

In a significant step to formalize this collaboration, Dr. Sean Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HyperLive Entertainment, and Li Bin, Chief Operating Officer of Hangzhou Uncle Dayou Cultural and Media Co. Ltd, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during a press conference at the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival in Hangzhou. This MOU establishes the foundation for their partnership, setting the stage for their innovative endeavours in the entertainment industry.

At the heart of this partnership is an innovative approach to merging entertainment and e-commerce. HyperLive TV will introduce shoppable animated films, enabling viewers to receive real-time flash sales and exclusive offers on educational and entertainment-related products featured in the content. With a simple click on the shopping cart, viewers can purchase items seamlessly within the animated environment, turning passive watching into an engaging, interactive experience.

“This partnership represents a significant milestone for the entertainment industry,” said Dr. Wong. “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment by integrating shopping, education, and social experiences into a seamless interactive platform.”

HyperLive TV is also expanding its offerings with VIP channels where users can subscribe to exclusive content, access early releases, and participate in special interactive events. Supported by BeLive Technology, these features promise to deliver an unparalleled digital entertainment experience.

With extensive experience in hosting high-end events in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, HyperLive Entertainment’s professional team excels in digital marketing, livestreaming, and live sales. This expertise uniquely positions the company to drive this innovation forward, employing cutting-edge marketing strategies to penetrate regional and global markets, ensuring wide-reaching audience engagement.

This strategic alliance will harness the strengths of HyperLive Entertainment, Hangzhou Uncle Dayou, and Agogo Animation to create a vibrant ecosystem for meaningful and exciting interactions between consumers and brands. The collaboration aims to expand Dayou Uncle’s intellectual property market, develop new products, and produce captivating original content. By partnering with globally influential artists and influencers, the alliance will enhance its reach and impact.

A highlight of this collaboration is the introduction of the animated series “Robot Trains” to Singapore through HyperLive TV, with plans to promote the series and its merchandise across Asia. “Robot Trains” is a family-friendly animation that offers educational and entertaining content, promoting values such as teamwork, perseverance, leadership, and responsibility.

This partnership signifies a shared vision to redefine entertainment, elevating shoppable, educational, and social entertainment to new heights. By leveraging advanced technology and strategic collaborations, HyperLive Entertainment, Hangzhou Uncle Dayou, and Agogo Animation are set to create immersive and interactive experiences for audiences worldwide.