Sungrow iHomeManager Debuts in Europe, Amplifying Household Renewable Energy Income over 10%

MUNICH, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system provider, made a groundbreaking announcement with the launch of their latest product, the iHomeManager during the Intersolar Europe 2024. Powered by Sungrow’s cutting-edge AI technology, this intelligent home energy management solution customizes optimal energy strategies for households based on solar power predictions and analysis of household load consumption. Acting as the “smart brain” of homes, it significantly increases renewable energy income by 10% or more*.

Boost renewable energy income by over 10% with AI-enhanced electricity management
The iHomeManager incorporates Sungrow’s self-developed AI Based Strategy (AIBS), utilizing advanced algorithms such as deep reinforcement learning to autonomously analyze household electricity consumption patterns and predict energy demands. By integrating real-time market electricity prices with future 24-hour solar PV generation forecasts, it intelligently schedules the charging and discharging of the ESS, reducing electricity costs and maximizing income.

During periods of abundant solar power generation during the day, the iHomeManager takes proactive measures to redirect surplus renewable energy to heat pumps, thereby substantially enhancing the utilization of renewable energy resources. During low electricity price periods in the early morning, the iHomeManager efficiently charges the energy storage system (ESS). It then discharges the stored energy during peak demand and high-price periods, taking advantage of price variations, while efficiently utilizing the remaining optimal state of charge (SOC) to accommodate solar PV power. Overall, the iHomeManager can boost household renewable energy income by 10% or more.

Moreover, the iHomeManager provides advanced 72-hour weather forecasting, enabling timely ESS dispatch and alerting users to lock their electricity supply to maintain a fully charged state, thereby avoiding inconveniences caused by unexpected power outages or limitations.

Wireless networking support and device connection within 60s
Compact and lightweight, the iHomeManager offers easy installation. It supports both wired and wireless networking, allowing for seamless connection to the cloud within 60 seconds. With DI Ripple Control Receiver compatibility, additional IO expansion is unnecessary. It also features a built-in meter, eliminating the need for additional construction costs and simplifying deployment.

Moreover, the iHomeManager boasts exceptional compatibility by seamlessly integrating with various devices and charging stations. It adheres to the ETSI EN 303 645 security standard and is GDPR certified, guaranteeing top-tier product safety and data protection.

Looking ahead, the iHomeManager will integrate energy management with AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) technology, enabling intelligent interconnectivity among household devices. Users can remotely monitor and manage their home energy anytime, anywhere, enjoying the smart and convenient energy experience facilitated by AIoT-enabled renewable energy.

*Note: The provided data is based on measurements conducted in homes equipped with solar energy storage and heat pumps. Actual income may vary due to factors such as household load types and power consumption.

About Sungrow
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