Multinationals on China|President of FedEx China: Connected Logistics Empowering Global Trade

南方財經全媒體記者 李依農 張梓桐 上海報導

In an exclusive interview with SFC, Eddy Chan, senior vice president of FedEx Express and president of FedEx China, discussed China’s pivotal role as one of the fastest-growing and most promising regions for FedEx’s international business, and specifically emphasized that FedEx’s future investments and strategic focus in China will concentrate on “cross-border e-commerce” and “second and third-tier cities”, underscoring the importance of lower-tier urban markets.

As China remains steadfast in promoting high-level openness,  Chan highlights that FedEx, as a witness and contributor to China’s external trade growth, plans to enhance its network, infrastructure, and collaboration with local markets to support efficient connectivity with regional and global markets, facilitating the growth of import and export trade.




記者:張梓桐 李依農



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