Early redemption of tier 2 capital

Nasdaq CopenhagenLondon Stock Exchange        Euronext DublinOther stakeholders Date     22 July 2024 Early redemption of tier 2 capital As part of the bank’s ongoing capital planning, the board of directors has decided in favour of an early redemption of the tier 2 capital of EUR 100 million issued on 22 August 2019

Start of Day Message

LONDON, 22 Jul. 2024 — This is the Start of Day Message for GlobeNewswire. GlobeNewswire is operated by Notified and is designated by the FCA as an approved primary information provider. Disclaimer The content and accuracy of all information distributed through Notified is wholly the responsibility of the

OKX Wallet Now Integrated with Tegro

SINGAPORE, July 21, 2024 — OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, has issued updates for July 22, 2024. OKX Wallet Now Integrated with Tegro OKX, a world-leading cryptocurrency platform and Web3 technology company, today announced that OKX Wallet is now integrated with Tegro, a revolutionary Gen2 decentralized exchange