“Celebration of NGO Impact Stories” Shines a Spotlight on Digital Transformation in the Social Sector

Report Calls Attention to Local NGOs’ Need for Strategic Social Media Planning

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 September 2023 – Asian Charity Services (ACS) hosted the Celebration of NGO Impact Stories at Soho House today, bringing together the social sector’s trailblazers, tech innovators, and communication experts under one roof. The event released the report “Digital Communication For Impact: Synergising For a More Empathetic Community”, and showcased the remarkable journeys of 20 local NGOs through art and video, revealing both the triumphs and the pressing challenges local NGOs faces in the digital age.

The pandemic has accelerated community engagement in the digital realm, ushering in a new era of opportunities and challenges for nonprofit organizations. The “Digital Communication For Impact: Synergising For a More Empathetic Community” report, conducted by ACS, delves into the critical challenges faced by nonprofits in their digital communication efforts and identifies areas where support is needed. One glaring finding from the report is that 67% of NGOs operate without well-defined digital communication strategies, hindering their ability to effectively connect with their audiences. Additionally, the report brings to light another concerning trend: less than half of the surveyed NGOs have established measurable objectives for their digital communication endeavors.

A significant highlight of the event is the NGO sharing session, 20 selected NGOs to present their successful case studies through engaging art and video presentations. Among them, The Samaritans and Ediversity shared valuable experience about their projects and reaches, and how JC Engage helped them refine social media operations for more tangible results.

Jean Lau, Program Director of ACS stated in his sharing, ” This event underscores the urgent need for increased support in leveraging digital communication for the advancement of NGOs’ services and advocacy. While NGOs are eager to embrace digital tools, they face significant challenges such as knowledge gaps, resource limitations, strategic management support, and the necessity to adopt a new mindset. We hope this event serves as a rallying cry for professionals, foundations, and partners to provide essential resources and a platform to collaborate and to co-create.”

Doreen Ho, CEO of Ediversity, stated in her sharing, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to ACS team to bring strategic insights and networks to our organisation. The JC Engage Program has equipped NGOs like ours with extensive training and invaluable resources – instrumental, empowering us to navigate the digital communication landscape more effectively.”

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