Arrow Electronics Offers Engineering Support to Indian IoT Solutions Developers

BENGALURU, INDIA – Media OutReach – 1 December 2023 – Global technology solutions provider Arrow Electronics, Inc. today announced it has provided engineering support to enable Bharat Pi, an India-based tech startup to design and build enterprise grade IoT development boards that deliver benefits of reliability, quality and scalability to millions of smart and connected devices.

Arrow Electronics Offers Engineering Support to Indian IoT Solutions Developers
Arrow Electronics Offers Engineering Support to Indian IoT Solutions Developers

According to the IoT device management platform analysis by Future Market Insights, the demand in India is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 34% over the next ten years. The adoption of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) in the manufacturing industry and increasing usage of technologies such as 5G, AI, and Big Data are expected to continue fueling this demand.

Founded in 2020 by Prabhu Stavarmath, Savitri Patil, and Naveen Gopalkrishna, Bharat Pi has set out on a mission to accelerate IoT development by building cost-effective IoT development boards to help developers, startups, and innovators to convert their idea into a quick pre-sales demo in hours. Bharat Pi is also one of the incubates at IoT Open Lab in Bangalore, a joint collaboration between Arrow Electronics the Software Technology Park of India (STPI). With the help of Arrow and its global technology suppliers, Bharat Pi has recently launched RedPill STM32G0 series-based development board.

“Todays’ enterprise IoT applications like industry 4.0, remote asset monitoring, healthcare, connected automobiles, and smart cities require a massive network of robust and connected edge devices which can handle large amount of data collection and processing and deliver real-time responses. Some of the IoT development boards in the market are not designed to handle diverse AI or machine learning workflows and often require custom design efforts to build a prototype,” said Prabhu Stavarmath, Chief Business Officer, Bharat Pi. “Every IoT use case is different and some enterprises struggle to build quick pre-sales IoT device demos to minimize deal cycle and revenue impact. To address these unmet needs, our IoT development boards are designed to be easily customizable and versatile, providing a flexibility to build rapid pre-sales demos and prototypes for IoT use cases across a range of industry verticals. Arrow’s engineering team has provided us with everything we need, from product knowledge, technical insights, to evaluation. Their technical expertise and supply chain experience have enabled us to jump-start and scale up the design and manufacturing of IoT development tools, so that we can in turn to extend our plug-and-play offerings to the broader IoT developer community.”

Some of the key features of RedPill STM32G0 series-based development board:
Full Pin Access: Based on STMicroelectronics’s STM32G0 MCUs, it exposes all 48 pins of the chip, allowing it to be connected to a myriad of sensors and devices.
Simplified Programming: It is equipped with a USB to UART Silicon Labs – CP2102 bridge, simplifying programming efforts.
Versatile Connectivity: With exposed headers for programming and 8-pin headers featuring SPI and UART interfaces, it allows seamless integration with various modules, including Wi-Fi and 4G.
Open-Source Compatibility: It is compatible with various open-source platforms and development environments. Bharat Pi also offers technical resources and community support to assist developers, hobbyists, startups, and tech enthusiasts, pushing the boundaries of embedded systems development forward.

“Today’s IoT ecosystem requires ample technology competencies which span from product idea, design and engineering to supply-chain and manufacturing. With our global network of technology suppliers and world-class technology capabilities, we are well positioned to extend best possible support and help Bharat Pi as well as many other technology companies as they strive to simplify and scale up IoT deployment,” said Bhartendu Mishra, Arrow Electronics’ managing director of India.

Equipped with advanced engineering equipment and testing modules, the IoT Open Lab has assisted the start-up community from the region in their idea-to-prototype-to-product innovation journey. Arrow’s experienced vertical segment experts and engineers with expertise in areas of embedded computing, sensing, connectivity and system integration are on site to provide professional advice to these innovators and makers.Hashtag: #ArrowElectronics #IoT

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