TOPPAN Merrill in Asia Pacific Rebrands as TOPPAN Nexus – a statement to our commitment to best serve our Asia Pacific clients in their financial communications needs

The rebranding clarifies our focus and commitment to our clients in the Asia Pacific Region with products, technology and services best suited for their needs while clearly defining our unwavering commitment to be the central hub in connecting and linking all parties in the financial communications world using our proprietary, innovative technologies and best-in-class services.

HONG KONG, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TOPPAN Merrill APAC, a leading financial communications services provider, is pleased to announce its rebranding as TOPPAN Nexus Limited (“TOPPAN Nexus”). This significant transformation reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to connect and innovate in a rapidly evolving global business landscape and our aim to serve as the nexus that connects our clients, technology and the future.

The new brand, TOPPAN Nexus, highlights the ambition to be the central hub of communications in the complex work of producing financial communications, harness the power of our proprietary cutting-edge technology and our close to 40 years of experience in best-in-class legal, compliance and financial communications support to our clients in the Asia Pacific Region, going ahead of the curve and above their expectations.

TOPPAN Nexus draws on its heritage and vision for the future. “TOPPAN” reinforces the company being part of TOPPAN Group, the world’s leading printing group. “Nexus”, from the Latin root for “connect”, underscores our mission to serve as the central hub for the client’s legal, compliance and financial communications needs. The company’s solutions bring together proprietary technology with our rich experience, seamlessly connecting their clients with all their professional advisors to best enable their success. This rebranding is designed to clearly present and differentiate the company’s market positioning. We do continue to remain connected to the TOPPAN Merrill brand through the TOPPAN Group.

“TOPPAN Nexus embodies our goal to connect while constantly innovating to propel our industry into the future,” said Christabel Lee, Managing Director. “In an era where technology has become indispensable for businesses, and digital transformation is a necessity, we strive to stay at the vanguard of technological innovation. The TOPPAN Nexus brand clearly represents our vision to be the central hub of communications – providing comprehensive and innovative financial communications solutions with a strong service-centered and solutions-driven culture thereby delivering peace of mind to our clients.”

The transition to TOPPAN Nexus signifies its vision to transcend the conventional boundaries, bringing together its clients, staff and stakeholders. Bridging the gap between complexity and simplicity, challenges and solutions, and the present and the boundless potential of the future, TOPPAN Nexus combines experience and innovation to deliver exceptional value for its clients.

About TOPPAN Nexus

TOPPAN Nexus, a leader in financial printing and communication solutions, is part of TOPPAN Group, the world’s leading printing group with approximately US$14 billion in annual revenues. TOPPAN Nexus has been a trusted partner to the financial, legal, and corporate communities for over three decades, providing secure, innovative solutions to complex content and communications requirements. Through proactive partnerships, unparalleled expertise, continuous innovation, and unrivalled experience and service quality, TOPPAN Nexus delivers a hassle-free experience for mission-critical content of capital markets transactions, financial reporting, and regulatory disclosure filings, and marketing and communications solutions for regulated and non-regulated sectors.

TOPPAN Nexus offers an extensive product suite consisting of IPO prospectuses, Annual Reports, ESG reports, statutory and voluntary announcements, bond and shareholder circulars, in all major capital markets. It provides best-in-class solutions to help clients meet their regulatory reporting needs while realizing greater efficiencies.

Contact Information 
TOPPAN Nexus Limited
Name: Peter Yeo, VP of Corporate Projects
Tel: +852 29734843