Infinitus Awarded National Green Factory Status

The recognition marks a significant step for the health supplement producer in leading industry-wide sustainable development practices

GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a recent announcement by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the 2023 Green Manufacturing List highlighted Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., a trailblazer in the sector of traditional Chinese medicinal health supplements, for its Yingkou production facility’s designation as a national-level Green Factory. The accolade underscores the company’s pivotal role in advancing the health food industry within the domestic arena.

The designation of ‘Green Factory’ serves as a crucial element within the national green manufacturing framework, exemplifying the integration of robust manufacturing practices with sustainable environmental policies. The criteria for this distinction include efficient land use, the adoption of clean production methodologies, the conversion of waste into resources, and the utilization of low-carbon energy sources.

As an integral part of Lee Kum Kee Health Products Group, the Yingkou facility marks the conglomerate’s second venture to achieve national-level Green Factory status. This recognition not only validates the persistent efforts of Lee Kum Kee Group and Infinitus in environmental stewardship, sustainable growth, and the pursuit of energy efficiency but also signifies a strategic milestone in advancing the company’s commitment to quality, productivity, and industry leadership.

Infinitus Awarded National Green Factory Status
Infinitus Awarded National Green Factory Status

In its dedication to environmental stewardship, the Infinitus Yingkou facility has implemented an array of eco-friendly technologies and measures aimed at energy conservation and minimizing ecological impact. Utilizing high-efficiency, energy-saving equipment alongside optimized manufacturing processes, the facility has made significant strides in lowering energy use and reducing pollutant discharge. Notably, in 2022, the plant achieved a reduction of 509 tons in carbon dioxide equivalent emissions compared to the previous year. Furthering its environmental initiatives in 2023, the facility adopted renewable energy solutions, including the deployment of distributed photovoltaic systems, projecting an annual decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by 1,743 tons, in alignment with superior local environmental standards.

Additionally, through advancements in sterilization water recycling and waste heat utilization, the plant conserved more than 80,000 cubic meters of natural gas yearly. It also innovated in reusing water from bottle washing operations for its cooling towers, saving in excess of 12 tons of water resources annually. These measures underscore the facility’s successful attainment of substantial energy savings and emissions reduction goals.

Operationally, the Yingkou facility has established a robust environmental management framework and a greenhouse gas emissions oversight mechanism, incorporating a comprehensive carbon inventory system for accurate evaluation of its carbon footprint and environmental impact. The integration of energy management systems and digital tools has facilitated complete third-tier measurement coverage for both energy and water consumption, enabling remote data acquisition, analysis, forecasting, and the informed management of environmental metrics.

The Yingkou site is reshaping the concept of eco-friendly practices within the health food industry, especially in the realm of traditional Chinese medicinal supplements. The facility has made significant strides in integrating green logistics into its operations, a move that complements its sustainable production practices. By incorporating electric vehicles for transportation and optimizing its distribution network, the site has made notable reductions in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, in collaboration with its suppliers, Infinitus has pioneered the use of recyclable packaging, reducing the need for approximately four million boxes and cartons, which translates to a conservation effort saving an estimated 35,000 trees.

Central to the ethos of Infinitus is not only environmental stewardship but also the health and well-being of its workforce. The company champions a culture of “green production, healthy living,” underscoring the importance of safety awareness, health management, and the continuous enhancement of production skills among employees. This holistic approach fosters a superior work and living environment, aligning with the broader objectives of occupational health and safety standards in the industry.

As Infinitus looks to the future, its unwavering commitment to green environmental practices and sustainable development remains clear. The company is poised to continue leading by example, driving forward the greening of the health food industry and making significant contributions to public health and societal well-being.