PayerMax Won 2024 “The Asset Triple A Award”, Multi-Currency Global Collection Solution Recognized

SINGAPORE, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the prestigious international financial media outlet, The Asset, announced the results of the 2024 “The Asset Triple A Awards.” PayerMax stood out with its exceptional multi-currency virtual account solution and H2H bulk payment solution, as well as its remarkable achievements in helping numerous enterprises expand into new markets. As a result, PayerMax was awarded The Asset’s 2024 “Best Payments and Collections Solution.”

PayerMax Won 2024 "The Asset Triple A Award”, Multi-Currency Global Collection Solution Recognized
PayerMax Won 2024 “The Asset Triple A Award”, Multi-Currency Global Collection Solution Recognized

The Asset magazine is one of the most credible English-language media outlets in the Asian investment community, with a readership primarily composed of international investment bankers, commercial bank managers, and capital market professionals. The annual “Triple A Asset” award series is designed to recognize companies and financial institutions in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and North America, which have demonstrated excellent performance and value in corporate treasury management, trade finance, supply chain management, and risk management. It is among the most esteemed awards in Asian capital markets.

This time, PayerMax, after many years of in-depth cultivation in the field of fintech, received the recognition of their close cooperative institution, Standard Chartered Bank, and universal approval from the “Asset” expert jury. As a fintech company rooted in emerging markets and operating globally, PayerMax is committed to providing customers professional cross-border payment solutions. The large transaction volume of downstream businesses or merchants and various incoming channels make fund reconciliation and record keeping for different clients time-consuming. To solve this problem, PayerMax launched a multi-currency virtual account solution to help businesses efficiently manage multi-currency accounts, differentiate funds from different currencies and channels, and achieve auto-reconciliation through ERP system integration.

Their H2H solution allows different types of payment instructions to be combined into a single pay file, speeding up processing and enabling bulk payments. PayerMax’s solution enhances the transaction experience for all involved, and greatly reduces the error rate during the traditional manual reconciliation process. This significantly improves payment success rates and security while controlling payment costs.

At present, PayerMax operates in 83 countries and regions around the world, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America, etc. The company supports over 530 types of payment methods, more than 70 transaction currencies, and over 20 local languages. PayerMax also holds licenses issued by government regulatory authorities in key markets such as Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong China, as well as official certifications from global banks.

In response to winning this award, PayerMax states it will continue to deepen cooperation with professional partners like Standard Chartered Bank in the future, constantly enrich, and perfect its payment solution and service system. By focusing on payment but not limiting itself to payment, PayerMax aims to provide enterprises a safe, reliable, and convenient payment environment and diverse matrix service content for businesses expanding overseas.