AI Revolution: 45% of EU and 48% of US Work Hours Automated by 2035, Millions to Reskill

  • AI and generative AI are reshaping work in Europe and the US.

  • By 2035, up to 45% of work hours in the EU and 48% in the US could be automated, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.

  • This automation could lead to 12 million professionals needing to change jobs, especially impacting lower-wage workers.

  • Industries like STEM and Healthcare will see increased demand for skilled workers, while production, customer support, and sales may see a decrease.

  • Workers will need to transition to new occupations through upskilling and reskilling in advanced technology, data analysis, critical thinking, and creativity.

  • Businesses must upgrade skills to integrate AI, focusing on technological, social, and emotional skills.

  • Companies are retraining their workforce to address skill gaps in critical thinking, creativity, and teaching.

  • Organizations and policymakers must promote rapid technology adoption and proactive worker redeployment to meet evolving job market demands.

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