Palantir & Oracle Join Forces: Certified Platforms Boost AI Initiatives & Stocks Surge

  • Palantir Technologies and Oracle have announced a significant collaboration, with Palantir’s Foundry and AIP platforms now certified on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

  • The partnership aims to accelerate AI initiatives for businesses and governments worldwide by combining Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities with Palantir’s leading platforms.

  • Palantir’s stock has surged by 70% in 2024 due to the growing demand for cloud computing technology.

  • The deployment of Palantir’s technology on Oracle’s platforms is expected to strengthen their position in the AI industry and boost Palantir’s market momentum and popularity.

  • Analysts have raised price targets for Oracle’s shares, with the company’s market capitalization at $399.68 billion and experiencing steady revenue growth.

  • Oracle’s HeatWave GenAI feature, which simplifies generative AI application development, is now available across all Oracle Cloud regions.

  • This collaboration is poised to bring new innovations in cloud computing and AI to organizations globally, as Oracle expands its offerings through partnerships with OpenAI and Google Cloud.

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