AWS Surpasses Cloud Training Goal, Aims to Skill 2 Million in AI by 2025

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has surpassed its goal of providing free cloud computing skills training to 29 million people, reaching over 31 million learners globally.

  • AWS offers diverse training programs, including workforce development and online learning centers, catering to all skill levels with popular courses like Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect.

  • There is a growing demand for AI and machine learning (ML) training.

  • AWS is investing in free and low-cost cloud computing and AI skills training through their ‘AI Ready’ initiative, aiming to train 2 million people by 2025.

  • New courses focus on AI app development, machine learning solutions, generative AI, and responsible AI practices.

  • AWS also provides soft skills training via immersive simulations like AWS SimuLearn, enhancing communication and problem-solving abilities.

  • The goal is to prepare a diverse and skilled talent pool for the AI-enabled future of work.

  • Learners can access AI-powered training resources on AWS Skill Builder and AWS Educate, including game-based learning and over 100 AI/ML courses.

  • AWS remains committed to democratizing access to cloud careers and empowering learners globally through valuable and accessible training opportunities.

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