U.S. and Allies Dismantle Russian AI-Driven Propaganda Network on Social Media

  • The United States and its allies successfully seized control of a sophisticated Russian propaganda network using AI on social network X.

  • The network operated nearly a thousand covert accounts and was traced back to a Russian FSB officer and a former RT senior editor.

  • Various software programs, including one named Meliorator, were used to manage the network.

  • The FBI obtained a court order to seize two web domains involved in the operation.

  • The bot farm spread disinformation to undermine Ukraine and evaded X’s verification techniques, with plans to expand to Facebook and Instagram.

  • X cooperated with the FBI by providing information and deleting the accounts.

  • Social media companies were advised to improve detection methods for covert automated behavior.

  • Detailed information from the investigation aims to help other investigators and companies identify similar operations.

  • The use of AI has allowed Russian propagandists to scale operations and avoid detection, but experts warn more systems are likely in operation and will continue to adapt.

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