Masangsoft Updates MICROVOLTS: Recharged with Clan Battles

Enjoy unique battles and distinctive graphics in this third-person casual shooting PC online game that pursues a NOP2W approach.

Microvolts New Update

Microvolts New Update
Microvolts New Update

Microvolts New Update

BUSAN, South Korea, Dec. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The TPS game MICROVOLTS: Recharged (MVR), which has captivated global fans, added clan battles in an update on November 28 at 6 AM (UTC).

Since its launch on September 9 this year, MICROVOLTS: Recharged, developed by Masangsoft, has been undergoing continuous updates based on participant feedback. With the addition of clan battles on November 28, a clan battle event to determine the best clan will run for about three weeks from December 2. Additionally, new costume products for the Christmas season and a Christmas diorama stand obtainable through attendance checks will be introduced. The game is set to unveil enhanced updates while maintaining its core concept and offer exciting new modes and products with the latest update.

[Update List]

  • Clan Battle Addition: A system for competing to become the top clan.
  • Christmas Season RT Replacement: An opportunity to acquire seasonal costume products available only during Christmas.
  • Christmas Attendance Rewards: The chance to obtain a limited diorama stand through attendance checks.
  • Bomb Mode Addition: A confrontation between teams setting and defusing bombs.
  • Voting System Improvement: A voting system upgraded from the existing method.

[Upcoming Update List]

  • League Addition: A competitive system to verify skills with tiers.
  • Game Reward Enhancement: An increase in mission count and additional rewards for mission completion, along with playtime rewards.

[About MICROVOLTS: Recharged]

MICROVOLTS: Recharged (MVR) is a free PC online shooting game, accessible on Steam, that offers exciting and thrilling battles in the charming Micro World. Players can engage in fun battles across various themed maps and modes. The third-person perspective provides a broad view for easy real-time understanding of combat situations. Use seven unique types of weapons to create your strategy for victory. Choose your avatar from nine distinct action figures and style it with various costumes. Easy controls and the inherent casualness of the game offer stress relief for players. Join the exciting adventure with MVR for a delightful experience unlike any other in hardcore gaming.

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