Split Simple Renews Focus On Colorado Divorce Mediation

Denver, Feb. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Denver, Colorado –

Split Simple, a divorce mediator service based in Denver, Colorado, is focused on helping its clients navigate the tumult that follows filing for divorce with its comprehensive divorce mediation services.

Divorce is always a difficult time in an individual’s life, even if it is uncontested. When a couple breaks up after years of being together, old memories, secrets, and arguments take center stage in a dispute that can quickly turn hostile and vitriolic. Divorce mediation assures that both parties find a compromise without getting swept away in their emotions, the latter of which can end up prolonging the process and even hurting their dependents. Split Simple has a proven track record of helping clients save both time and money with its divorce mediation process.

Experienced Attorney Mediator conducting a divorce mediation

The firm’s process begins with a free phone consultation with a mediator and each spouse to determine a fixed pricing plan that is right for their divorce. The first mediation appointment is then set up at a location and time that is convenient for both parties. Before the first session, Split Simple will provide both clients with its Critical Mediation Checklist that outlines mediation topics as well as relevant documents. Clients will also complete a Financial Questionnaire which the mediator will then use to prepare a preliminary analysis of the estate and reduce mediation time by up to one hour.

Clients are then asked to attend mediation sessions professionally facilitated by the attorney-mediator who will guide them through the intelligent allocation of assets and debts utilizing the most current technology for estate allocation and cash flow analysis. Where applicable, clients will also discuss parenting plan options as well as relevant research to determine the best parenting plan for their children. The mediator will also provide an estimated post-divorce after-tax cash flow reflecting the impact of the new tax filing status and support plan.

Following each session, both parties will receive a copy of the proposed asset and debt allocation as well as a summary of the topics discussed, and tentative agreements reached during mediation. The mediator will remain available to answer each client’s questions between sessions and provide ongoing support for all court interactions until the divorce is finalized. Next, during the review process, the mediator will prepare a comprehensive, yet understandable, Separation Agreement and Parenting Plan as well as all relevant court documents so that the clients understand what they are signing before they sign it.

“After the final document review session, you will have all the documents necessary to finalize your divorce,” says the spokesperson for Split Simple. “As our firm’s name suggests, it really is that simple. Though divorce tends to bring out the worst in us, with our firm by your side, you can rest assured that you have a partner looking out for your best interests. We have helped hundreds of clients in Denver and Chicago work through thorny and complicated issues. The firm even gives back to the community with our Social Work Scholarship program which provides relief from some financial concerns for talented students desiring to further their education. Find out more about us by visiting our website and give us a call today to get the ball rolling.”

Split Simple is highly regarded by its clients for helping them close out their divorce proceedings with their former spouses in the most amicable terms possible given the situation. The firm even boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 on its Google Business Profile from over 15 reviews. Clients thank Split Simple for their calm and encouraging guidance, their compassionate and attentive staff, and responsive customer service.

One review says, “Divorce is SUCH a draining process, and I am so thankful that we had Chris to walk us through highly emotional decisions regarding our kids, money, and both of our futures. Chris’ demeanor was helpful for both of us as he walked us through the (potential) gauntlet in an informed and intelligent way. I am so glad we found Chris to lead us through this.”

Another client writes, “Chris was extremely professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. My ex-spouse and I still get along and have much gratitude for this process vs. lawyers in court. We avoided extra costs that instead went to our children’s college education. I will recommend Chris and Split Simple to everyone I know who is ending their marriage. Lastly, I really felt he cared about our children and looked out for everyone’s best interest.”

Readers can contact SplitSimple’s Denver divorce mediators at (855) 665-9920 to get all their questions answered and to schedule an initial consultation.

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