BuzzBallz Releases New Passionfruit Martini Flavor in US After UK Success

New BuzzBallz Passionfruit Martini Now Sold in US

This limited-time flavor is available in spirits-based BuzzBallz Cocktails and wine-based BuzzBallz Chillers options.
This limited-time flavor is available in spirits-based BuzzBallz Cocktails and wine-based BuzzBallz Chillers options.

Carrollton, TX, April 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After a successful launch in their United Kingdom markets, BuzzBallz is bringing its new Passionfruit Martini flavor to United States stores. The ready-to-drink cocktail will be available in both their spirit-based BuzzBallz Cocktails and wine-based BuzzBallz Chillers lines.

The aromatic cocktail blends the tropical tang of passion fruit and the sweet smoothness of vanilla. It originally stemmed from a desire to reimagine the UK’s historic staple cocktail, the Pornstar Martini.

Tracy Frisbie, BuzzBallz EVP of Sales and Marketing, said that trade and consumer reception of the BuzzBallz Cocktails Pornstar Martini in Europe prompted the company to release a limited time only special version in the U.S this spring.

“We have already seen strong initial excitement from retailers and consumers posting the new flavor on their social media accounts,” Frisbie said.

Traditionally, one would have to go out to a bar and ask for a bartender to mix a Pornstar Martini to be served in a glass. The BuzzBallz Passionfruit Martini offers the same quality ingredients expertly mixed, but in a 187mL (Chillers) or 200mL (Cocktails) single-serve container that saves time, money, travel, and can be enjoyed wherever one is at any time.

BuzzBallz VP of R&D said the process of creating the cocktail started with simply mixing vanilla vodka and passion fruit liqueur to see how they tasted together.

“After a few tastings, we got to work and came up with a balanced cocktail that is great year-round, but we especially like its refreshing, fruit-forward profile in the warmer months,” they said.

Passion fruit martinis have been a cocktail staple around the globe for years, continuing to hold top spots in prominent countries and continents. It is slowly making its way to prominence in the US, particularly as an at-home recipe since bars in the States have been slower to catch on. The BuzzBallz Passionfruit Martini provides a perfect solution for those interested in trying the cocktail even with no mixology experience or equipment.

The BuzzBallz Passionfruit Martini will begin shipping to US markets in April 2024. It joins over a dozen other popular flavors in the BuzzBallz portfolio.

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