Twentyfour-Seven Pioneers Financial Freedom for Trafficking Victims by Teaming Up With Consumer & Advocate Organizations

Twentyfour-Seven Inc. is launching an innovative program that offers financial empowerment to human trafficking victims and provides law firms with a socially impactful partnership opportunity.

Clewiston, FL, April 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

 Twentyfour-Seven Inc. is launching an innovative program that integrates their Anti-Trafficking QR Code® into TVPA settlements, offering financial empowerment to human trafficking victims and providing law firms with a socially impactful partnership opportunity. This initiative ensures a continuous income source for victims and introduces a new revenue stream for law firms actively supporting the anti-trafficking cause.

Twentyfour-Seven Inc. is spearheading a revolutionary initiative that promises not only to redefine the financial empowerment of human trafficking victims but also to offer law firms a unique partnership opportunity. By seamlessly integrating the Twentyfour-Seven Anti-Trafficking QR Code® into settlements under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), Twentyfour-Seven is offering a sustainable income source for victims while transforming legal settlements into a tool for profound social change.

For law firms, this initiative isn’t just about legal representation; it’s about being at the forefront of a movement. By including the Twentyfour-Seven Anti-Trafficking QR Code® into TVPA settlement negotiations means not only securing a continuous income for clients but also tapping into a revenue stream that rewards the firm’s commitment to justice. This win-win-win scenario amplifies the impact of legal work, benefiting victims, their representatives, and the broader anti-trafficking cause.

The program extends beyond financial benefits. For businesses, particularly those liable under the TVPA such as hotels, adopting the Twentyfour-Seven Anti-Trafficking QR Code® signals a robust commitment to combating human trafficking. It offers:

Critical insights through the collection of essential trafficking data.

Concrete evidence of effective anti-trafficking measures.

Immediate assistance and information for victims.

Direct reporting channels to law enforcement, complete with evidence where applicable.

These features are invaluable for businesses striving to prevent future occurrences and prove the efficacy of their anti-trafficking programs.

Consider this potential example: a hotel chain with 1,000 locations faces a monthly subscription cost of $175,000. ($175.00 per location) This investment translates into a $17,500 monthly income for both the law firm and the victim, marking a significant milestone towards the victim’s recovery and financial independence.

This initiative represents an unparalleled opportunity for law firms to drive change, offering a powerful combination of financial support for victims and a new revenue model for the firms themselves. It embodies Twentyfour-Seven Inc.’s commitment to innovative, partnership-driven solutions that support victims of human trafficking, setting a new standard in corporate responsibility and legal advocacy.

About Twentyfour-Seven Inc.

At the leading edge of combating human trafficking, Twentyfour-Seven Inc. is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address this global issue. Through technological advancements and strategic legal collaborations, we strive to create safer environments, empowering trafficking victims towards recovery and self-sufficiency. Join us in this vital mission—partner with Twentyfour-Seven Inc. to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

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