Encore Data Products Unveils Revolutionary QOMO 4K Portable Doc Camera, Elevating Educational and Business Presentations

Lafayette, April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lafayette, Colorado –

Encore Data Products is thrilled to introduce the QOMO 4K Portable Doc Cam ScannerCam 5, a remarkable addition to its comprehensive lineup of tools designed to support education and business technology applications. This state-of-the-art document camera is engineered to elevate the quality of presentations, educational sessions, and remote work activities through its superior video and image capture capabilities. With an attractive price point, the ScannerCam 5 comes with plug-and-play convenience, 4K resolution, and an integrated microphone, making it an essential resource for educators, professionals, and tech aficionados alike.

The distinctive feature of the QOMO 4K Portable Doc Cam ScannerCam 5 lies in its sleek, portable structure, enabling effortless mobility between classrooms, offices, or telecommuting environments. Its adaptability is further enhanced by USB-A and USB-C ports, ensuring seamless connection with a variety of devices. The device boasts a high frame rate of up to 60 fps, facilitating the broadcast of fluid, real-time videos with unrivaled clarity. Additionally, the ScannerCam 5 is outfitted with user-friendly controls for autofocus, image flipping for webcam utilization, and has an adjustable LED light for optimal viewing.


Sabrina Manno, a representative for Encore Data Products, shared her excitement regarding the recent expansion of their product portfolio, stating, “The QOMO 4K Portable Doc Cam ScannerCam 5 signifies a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of document camera technology. Its superior resolution, user-friendly nature, and multifunctionality position it as a perfect solution for educators aiming to foster a more immersive and interactive learning environment, as well as professionals seeking to amplify their presentations and collaborative efforts remotely.”

Aligning with Encore Data Products’ dedication to delivering exceptional value, the QOMO 4K Portable Doc Cam ScannerCam 5 is offered with a volume discount for orders surpassing ten units. This pricing strategy presents an appealing proposition for educational establishments, businesses, and organizations eager to outfit numerous classrooms or conference spaces with cutting-edge presentation apparatus.

Encore Data Products persistently delivers a diverse selection of audio and technological merchandise tailored to meet the requisites of educational facilities, libraries, and corporate settings. The company’s range encompasses headphones, AV technology, sanitation and hygiene products, and AV accessories, reinforcing its status as a premier supplier of inventive solutions that bolster learning, productivity, and communication experiences. Individuals interested in exploring more about Encore Data Products and their offerings, including the innovative QOMO 4K Portable Doc Cam ScannerCam 5, can explore further details on their website.

Sabrina Manno further elaborated on the company’s underlying mission, articulating, “At Encore Data Products, our unwavering commitment lies in empowering educators and business professionals with the requisite tools to thrive in the contemporary digital landscape. The QOMO 4K Portable Doc Cam ScannerCam 5 epitomizes our dedication to superior quality and innovation. We are optimistic that this product will empower our clientele to aspire to and reach new pinnacles in their educational pursuits and professional engagements.”

For additional details concerning the QOMO 4K Portable Doc Cam ScannerCam 5 or to delve into the expansive range of offerings from Encore Data Products, individuals are encouraged to visit their website.

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