Rean Earth Announces Development of AI-Powered Carbon Accounting Automation Tools for Global Retail Operations

Rean Earth Introduces AI-Powered Carbon Accounting Software, Revolutionizing Sustainability Management for Global Retailers

LONDON, April 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rean Earth, a global provider of sustainability solutions for governments and organizations, announced today the imminent launch of its carbon accounting and sustainability management software designed to empower the global retail industry with real-time data to reduce its carbon footprint. Automated decarbonisation management from Rean Earth provides the carbon emissions tracking and environmental impact reporting tools retailers need to set and reach their net zero and decarbonisation Journey.

Rean Earth

Renu Singh, Founder of Rean Earth

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Rean Earth’s emission tracking software provides continuous monitoring and analysis of the entire global retail lifecycle. It delivers accurate carbon footprint calculations and automates carbon emission offsets. The key lies in an algorithm that gathers millions of data points monthly and provides a set of recommendations for companies to undertake to minimize their carbon footprint.

“Rean Earth’s digital carbon accounting tools are designed to help global retailers to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce waste, and lower the cost of managing their sustainability goals,” said Renu Singh, founder of Rean Earth. “We’re simplifying how companies collect, track, and visualize their carbon footprint calculations with AI-powered sustainability management solutions.”

The software integrates with enterprise management tools to automate data collection and analysis, and provides reporting tools that align with international carbon accounting standards, including the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol.

“Private companies will play a crucial role in helping meet the United Nations global carbon dioxide emissions reduction goal of more than 45% by 2023, and collecting the right data to understand how they can make the biggest impact is key,” said Singh. “Reducing the carbon footprint of global retail operations is possible with automated data management tools that improve accuracy, transparency, and reporting.”

Rean Earth is engaged in selling and developing high-integrity carbon projects in partnership with various globally recognized institutions and governments as part of its efforts to help companies offset carbon emissions. These initiatives span across various areas, including blue carbon, reforestation and afforestation, regenerative agriculture, synthetic fuel, peatlands, and biochar. Rean Earth is embarking on the development of an end-to-end green hydrogen ecosystem and is currently in active pursuit of optimal locations within Europe and the Caucasus region for the establishment of its green hydrogen plants.

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