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John I. Haas announces Euphorics™ – a new, all-natural flavor and aroma product made by brewers for brewers

YAKIMA, Wash., May 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, John I. Haas, Inc. (HAAS®), renowned leader in the global hops industry, announces the release of their bold, new, flavor and aroma product: Euphorics™ – a revelry of hops and other botanicals.

Euphorics is a highly concentrated, water-soluble flavor and aroma liquid product, made with 100% natural hops and botanicals. Made by brewers for brewers, Euphorics dramatically expands flavor and aroma possibilities while seamlessly integrating into beer and hop waters. It can be used on the cold side of beverage creation during post-fermentation.

“Euphorics was intentionally designed to be a very easy way to integrate an exciting pop of high quality, natural flavor and aroma into finished beer, hop water, teas, or a malt beverage,” says Caitlin Rippner, HAAS Process Scientist. “It really gives amplification and synergy to what you already have, or it can add nuance and differentiation – all at a low cost per dose.”

HAAS designed Euphorics in partnership with Intrepid Brewing, a sister company and wholly owned subsidiary of True Terpenes, known for their proprietary terpene extraction and blending processes.

“Unlike other flavor houses that depend on the variable nature of essential oils, Intrepid Brewing produces our proprietary blends using botanically-sourced terpenes because it allows us to create consistent flavors and aromas, ensuring every batch meets the highest quality standards,” says Daniel Cook, CEO of Intrepid Brewing and True Terpenes. “It also allows us a way to ensure our botanical blends are microbially stable and devoid of sugars, which enhances safety for brewers and guaranteed consistency with every batch.”

At the heart of HAAS and Intrepid Brewing’s partnership and collaboration to create Euphorics, lies a mutual passion to innovate and inspire creativity for brewers. They are excited to launch four flavors – Cosmic Guava, Peachy Keen, Pineapple Paradise, and Pomelo Daydream – and have growth plans for a wide array of additional, mix and match flavor possibilities.  

Euphorics is currently available in 50 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL, and 5000 mL bottles.

For more information, visit and contact your HAAS® Sales Representative.

About John I. Haas:

HAAS is the world leader in innovative hop products. We are farmers, hop breeders, scientists, researchers, brewers, and beer lovers all working together to change the way the world thinks about hops. Whether it’s ensuring your supply chain, improving brewing efficiency, creating renowned flavor and aroma products or simply helping you discover exciting hop flavors from around the world—HAAS is dedicated to helping you create your next great beverage.

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About Intrepid Brewing:

Intrepid Brewing, a sister company and wholly owned subsidiary of True Terpenes, is revolutionizing the craft beer industry by introducing the innovative use of hop extracts and all-natural botanical terpenes into the brewing process. Terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for the aroma and flavor in many plants—including hops—offer untapped potential for crafting unique beverage profiles. By extracting these terpenes from botanical sources, Intrepid Brewing harnesses their distinct characteristics to introduce a new dimension to traditional brewing methods.

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