Blade Runner Meets Marvel’s Logan in this Sci-Fi Detective Thriller

A bounty hunter with a checkered past tries to redeem himself by protecting a young girl in Hollowpoint Bites, the first in a new trilogy from Palmetto Publishing.

Hollowpoint Bites


Charleston, SC, May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A heart-pounding new sci-fi detective thriller arrives this spring, featuring a bounty hunter in search of his lost humanity. In the world of Hollowpoint Bites, the Earth has been almost entirely depleted of the resources necessary to maintain civilization. What’s left is controlled by the rich and powerful, leading to class wars, poverty, and the unchecked rise of crime. Enter bounty hunters.

Like many of his trade, Richter Cohen keeps the peace for a price, and his services go to the highest bidder. In Zion, a city powered by nuclear fuel and fed through synthetic soil, that usually means Richter serves the corrupt elite. One of the top bounty hunters in Zion, Richter drowns his conscience in alcohol. But when a young girl is threatened, Richter is faced with the choice to help her or let her die. The whirlwind adventure that follows brings Richter in conflict with fellow bounty hunter Bonnie Riley, with whom he has a complicated relationship; he must also figure out how to work with the blunt and straight-shooting criminal investigator Joe Prince. As Richter resolves to finally do the right thing, he’ll have the wealthy and mighty gunning for him. With a young life at stake, will his acts of heroism be enough?

Hollowpoint Bites is a wild chase through turbulent streets for fans of Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, and Foundryside, along with intergenerational found family protector stories such as Logan. With mystery, intrigue, and a battle against the dark forces of the powers that be, this book will scratch your itch for heroes who rage against oppression. Written by the talented Bailey Perkins, this stunning debut launches soon as the first in a trilogy.

Hollowpoint Bites is available for purchase online at and Barnes and For more information about the author, please visit any of his social media platforms.

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About the Author:

Bailey Perkins is a writer of detective stories and comic strips. He began authoring short mysteries in the third grade, and Hollowpoint Bites is his first novel. Bailey enjoys living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he is currently writing the second and third books of the Hollowpoint trilogy.

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