Nexus International School (Singapore) Learners Present “Nexwell” Well-Being App For Peers

Nexus International School (Singapore) learners have developed a well-being app to provide their peers with continuous access to mental health support.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 20 February 2024 – Learners at Nexus International School (Singapore) have unveiled “Nexwell,” a well-being app offering their peers access to 24/7 mental health tools, guidance and resources. Developed over six months, this project exemplifies Nexus’ focus on real-world learning and innovative education. Now in its testing phase, Nexwell is being refined for optimal user functionality.

Nexus learners developed a well-being app to provide their peers with continuous access to mental health support.
Nexus learners developed a well-being app to provide their peers with continuous access to mental health support.

Making Mental Health Resources Readily Available

Nexwell’s inception was sparked by an identification by Nexus counsellors of the need for a constantly accessible self-help platform for the school’s learners. Recognising this imperative, Ms Hemangi Ahire, the Learning Area Leader of the Computer Science department, was approached to evaluate the feasibility of creating a well-being app. Embracing this challenge, Ms Ahire assembled a team of five learners from Years 10 to 13, all keen on computer science and coding. Under her guidance, these learners embarked on the intricate task of developing the app, a venture blending their passion for technology with a commitment to mental health.

Learning by Resolving Real-World Problems

The creation of the Nexwell app provided the learner team with a rewarding real world learning experience. Tasked with creating a tool to facilitate easy access to self-help for their peers at Nexus, these learners, who were novices in programming, navigated a challenging but enriching journey. The project allowed them to acquire new software skills and knowledge through an interdisciplinary approach. Team members reflected on the invaluable lessons in collaboration and teamwork they gained, marking this project as a profound learning experience, distinct from the regular school curriculum.

This endeavour showcases Nexus’ commitment to fostering learner agency, encouraging learners to undertake personal initiatives. It also aligns with the school’s dedication to enhancing overall learner well-being.

Ms Ahire remarked, “The learners’ commitment to enhancing our school community through technology has been amazing. Their contributions have not only made the app functional and user-friendly, but have also added value to the entire school community. Their initiative reflects a deep sense of responsibility and a forward-thinking mindset that is truly commendable.”

Upcoming Exciting Developments

With the initial release of Nexwell, the learners have entered the crucial testing phase. This phase involves engaging with various stakeholders within the school community to gather feedback. Following this refinement process, the team’s goal is to make Nexwell available on both the Google and Apple app stores, allowing it to reach and benefit a wider audience, illustrating the essence of authentic, technology-enriched learning that Nexus International School fosters.

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