Introduction of House Companion Bill to the Industrial Hemp Act of 2023 Aims to Boost Hemp Industry and Support American Farmers

Grain & Fiber Hemp Exemption Team of National Hemp Association, Agricultural Hemp Solutions & IND HEMP Celebrate Introduction of HR3755

Industrial Hemp Act of 2023

H.R. 3755 Introduced in the House of Representatives
H.R. 3755 Introduced in the House of Representatives

Washington DC, June 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representatives Matt Rosendale (R-MT-02) and Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA-06) jointly announced the introduction of a bipartisan House companion bill to the Industrial Hemp Act of 2023 (HR 3755). The bill aims to support farmers interested in participating in the hemp industry by reducing barriers and providing regulatory ease and clarity. The resurgence of hemp cultivation in the United States has made it crucial to alleviate unnecessary burdens on grain and fiber hemp growers, creating new economic opportunities for rural communities.

“Hemp is relatively easy to grow, resistant to pests that kill other crops, good for the soil, and is a high-yield product. All of these qualities make it attractive to farmers. It’s used to make a range of goods including biodegradable fibers and biofuels. Unfortunately, today these farmers face regulations that are a little outdated,” said Rep. Houlahan. “Chester and Berks Counties are home to dozens of Pennsylvania’s hemp farms, and on their behalf, I’m glad to introduce legislation to modernize regulation of this growing industry.”

The proposed legislation addresses the need to distinguish between hemp varieties grown for fiber or grain and those grown for cannabinoid/floral purposes. Erica Stark, Executive Director of the National Hemp Association, stated that the current regulatory framework makes it challenging for hemp to be integrated into common commodity crop rotations and for the industry to get to scale.

“Industrial hemp is a staple commodity crop for many Montana farmers,” said Rep Rosendale. “Unfortunately, burdensome regulations are preventing hardworking farmers from taking full advantage of this booming agricultural market. The bipartisan Industrial Hemp Act will remove red tape that’s holding the industry back and create good-paying jobs for the people of Montana.”

Courtney N. Moran, LL.M., Chief Legislative Strategist at Agricultural Hemp Solutions, highlighted the importance of regulatory ease and clarity for grain and fiber hemp. Moran stated that the Industrial Hemp Act of 2023, introduced by Representatives Rosendale and Houlahan, provides the necessary regulatory framework to bring these hemp varieties back into rotation, unleashing their full potential to benefit farmers, create domestic manufacturing jobs, and produce sustainable consumer goods. 

Morgan Tweet, Founder and CEO of IND HEMP, commended Representatives Rosendale and Houlahan for their leadership in introducing the legislation. Tweet stated that the proposed bill will streamline the regulatory landscape, reducing paperwork and fees for farmers and enable the development of local supply chains to bring hemp production closer to traditional agriculture.

The introduction of this bipartisan companion bill represents a significant step toward supporting farmers and fostering growth in the hemp industry. By reducing unnecessary obstacles and providing regulatory clarity, the proposed legislation aims to create a favorable environment for hemp farmers and contribute to the overall economic development of rural America.

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